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New York Giants' news, 3/24: John Mara talks Tuck, free agency, NFL Draft

New York Giants' headlines for Monday, 3/24

John Mara
John Mara

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Giants' co-owner John Mara spoke Sunday at the NFL owner's meetings, and there are several noteworthy pieces of information from Mara's remarks.

First is that Mara will miss former Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who signed with the Oakland Raiders as a free agent:

"That was very hard,'' the Giants' co-owner said at the NFL meetings in Orlando on Sunday. "He was and still is very special to us. I'm happy for him that he got that kind of contract. It will be tough to walk into that locker room and not see him there.''

Mara also added:

"You expect decisions like that in this business but there are some that affect you a little bit more than others."

Tuck will miss New York, too. He actually took out an ad in the Daily News on Sunday to thank Giants' fans.

Mara also discussed the Giants' activity in free agency, indicating that the Giants are likely pretty much done spending:

"I think we’ve improved the team," Mara said. "Time will tell, but we all feel good about the players we’ve added. I would say we’re pretty close to done [signing veterans].

"Certainly, if the opportunity presented itself with another player, we’d look at it. But I don’t anticipate there being any big-money players being signed at this point."

Mara added the Giants did not necessarily intend to invest so heavily in the secondary, but "that's where the opportunities presented themselves ... It wasn't our number one priority, but those were the players who were available. I think they should help us."

Mara indicated the Giants will look to the 2014 NFL Draft to add pieces to their offense, saying "we really need to have a great draft."

Other News

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News writes that the Giants' aggressive approach in free agency is a break from tradition for them. By Vacchiano's count, the Giants have signed 19 players and doled out $108.6 million in contracts:

Maybe that's a sign of just how desperate the Giants were after missing the playoffs in four of the last five seasons, or of how bad they felt last year's team really was despite a 7-3 finish. But it's a reminder that when GM Jerry Reese says, as he often does, that "there is no template" for how the Giants do business, he isn't kidding. They'll do whatever they have to do.

Bleacher Report's Pat Traina looks at what, if anything, the Giants still might be able to address in free agency. looks at the best offensive players who remain free agents. It is written from an Eagles' perspective, of course, but the list is applicable to the Giants.

The draft was moved from its traditional April slot at Radio City Music Hall this year due to a Radio City production of "Hearts and Lights," featuring The Rockettes. Well, that show has now been cancelled because "additional work is needed."