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John Jerry Scouting Report: What kind of player is he?

John Jerry lined up at left tackle
John Jerry lined up at left tackle
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I know it isn't easy to do, but let's forget all the Wells Report stuff when it comes to newly-signed offensive lineman John Jerry for just a minute. What can the 6-foot-5, 335-pound four-year veteran do for the New York Giants on the field?

Kevin Nogle of SB Nation's Dolphins' web site, The Phinsider, wrote this after hearing news of the signing:

Jerry was a solid player, but was never dominating in his time with the Dolphins.  He was able to do his job for the most part, but would often leave fans wanting more from the starting right guard.  He's a player who still could reach a higher level of play, but has seemed content with simply holding on to his starting position.

Via Twitter, Kevin went into more depth on Jerry as a player.

"He's a good, solid player who has the potential to be something special, but just doesn't seem to have the desire to reach that potential," Nogle wrote. "Every year, competition was brought in for him, and every year, he would win the position - but it was always a battle.

"Biggest knock is his weight. He has problems keeping it down - especially in the offseason."

Jerry seems to fit the profile of under-30 players with some untapped upside that GM Jerry Reese has been searching for this offseason. He has experience at both right guard and left tackle, two positions where the Giants need coverage for players coming off injuries. Chris Snee (hip/elbow) is penciled in at right guard and Will Beatty (broken leg) at left tackle.