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Big Blue View Mailbag, 3/2: Answering reader questions

This week's Big Blue View Mailbag includes questions about Linval Joseph, free agency and the draft.

Linval Joseph
Linval Joseph
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for this week's Big Blue View Mailbag. All of the questions this week have come from Twitter, so the questions are embedded with my answers immediately following.

A: Honestly, I'm not sure the chances are very good. The increase in the salary cap gives the Giants an opportunity to make Joseph a competitive offer, but he is 25, in his prime, and is likely to end up very, very rich this offseason. Someone is going to pay him a lot of money.

A: Highly unlikely. First of all, Beatty is a tackle, not a guard. He has never played inside. The more likely tack for the Giants is to add at least one free agent guard or center and continue to add to the offensive line in the draft. My guess is the Giants will simply leave Beatty alone and count on him returning to the form he showed in 2011 and 2012, when he played very well. As of right now, I would expect Pugh to stay at right tackle. Why mess with success?

A: North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron certainly has to be on the short list of players considered at 12, which is something I wrote about after the NFL Combine. I can't sit here and say he is definitely the pick. You have to see what happens in free agency and which other players are available when it is time to make the selection.

A: Yes, the reports have indicated the Giants have spoken with Baas about the possibility of a pay cut. That does not mean it will happen, or that Baas will definitely be back. Why would the Giants not simply release him? Well, if they do that who do they currently have who could start at center? I love Jim Cordle, but he is not a 16-game starter. Kevin Boothe is a free agent. The Giants could make Baas a post-June cut and save more than $5 million against the cap. Most likely, opening a conversation with Baas is a way of protecting themselves in the event they are unable to sign a free-agent center or draft one they really like.

A: Probably not. That is why there has been talk about some of the free-agent wide receivers and about looking at Ebron Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans in the first round. I have to believe that somewhere in the draft the Giants will add players at those positions.