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Darrelle Revis Rumors: How serious is New York Giants' interest?

The New York Giants are reportedly among the teams to have checked in on the price tag for Darrelle Revis.

Darrelle Revis
Darrelle Revis
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Darrelle Revis will become a free agent at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are unsuccessful in trading the star cornerback. The New York Giants are apparently one of many teams who have kicked the tires on a Revis trade.

How serious might the Giants be about a deal for Revis? Probably not very. No word what the price would be in draft picks, but it undoubtedly would also include re-negotiating Revis $16 million annual contract, which has five years left on it.

Why would Revis agree to do that, when he can simply go to free agency, negotiate the deal he wants (sure to be more annually than the six-year, $57 million Aqib Talib got from the Denver Broncos) and choose his team?

The Giants were most likely doing what they always do -- checking the price tag, doing their due diligence. A trade for Revis seems highly unlikely, as does the Giants becoming one of the free-agent bidders. He remains a terrific player, but it is hard to imagine the Giants spending lavishly on the soon-to-be 29-year-old.

More likely, the Giants stick with what appears to be their plan. Add some low-cost veteran options -- like Trumaine McBride -- opposite Price Amukamara and, perhaps, look to the 2014 NFL Draft for a long-term answer there.