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Giants' Chris Snee, Steve Weatherford take pay cuts

The Giants clear more salary cap room on the even of free agency.

Chris Snee
Chris Snee

It is NFL Free Agency time, and the work never stops. According to multiple reports, guard Chris Snee and punter Steve Weatherford have accepted pay cuts, helping the New York Giants clear significant room under the salary cap on the even of the free-agent signing period.

Snee, the veteran guard who has said he wants to try and play one more season after an injury-shortened 2013, took a cut in salary from the $6.75 million he was owed to $1.1 million, saving the Giants $5.6 million in cap space. Weatherford's base salary for 2014 was to be $2.025 million and his cap hit $2.925 million. No word on the change to his deal, although Pat Traina tweeted that the punter's revised deal "includes incentives to increase his potential earnings."

This is all good news for the Giants. The more space they can clear, the more options they have once the market opens. There are all sorts of junior mathematicians trying to figure out how much cap space the Giants currently have. We will actually let that go until Tuesday morning and try to figure it all out when we have a concrete idea what all the numbers are.