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Big Blue View Fantasy Football Winners

Let's congratulate the two winners of the Big Blue View Fantasy Football leagues and look back on what made the 2013 fantasy football season memorable.

These guys know what it feels like to win a championship.
These guys know what it feels like to win a championship.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

First let me apologize for not writing this post sooner. From the end of the fantasy season until now I have been unable to sit down and write for an extended period of time and am just now finally able to do it. I know some of you might believe I was just dragging it out because of my duel defeats in the finals, but I promise you I wasn't in a deep depression caused by the beatings I took.

I want to congratulate William Gould, owner of Phoenix Big Blue, who won Big Blue View League 1 by defeating me handily in the finals. Mr. Gould's team was headlined by Peyton Manning and his record breaking season, but his championship team was far from a "set it and forget it" team. Phoenix Big Blue was one of the many fantasy teams across the country to be disappointed with the production from Trent Richardson. Instead of crawling up in a ball and waving a white flag of defeat Phoenix Big Blue worked the waiver wire and filled the holes on his team with players like Bobby Rainey, Jarrett Boykin and Julian Edelman.

The third place game in Big Blue View League 1 saw Patrick Calvert's Pataroons' Team beat the Playoffs' number one over all seed Casanova Wong. Casanova Wong's playoff performance proved that you need a little luck to win a championship. Even though his team coasted through the regular season 12-2 there were no guarantees in the playoffs.

In Big Blue View League 2 Marcus Longridge's Marcus's Longshots beat yours truly by less than a point. It still stings if you must know. Marcus's Longshots had a roster that would have won a lot of fantasy leagues this season. You always need a decent quarterback to win a championship and Marcus had Tom Brady to start the year, but he was able to upgrade with the waiver wire by grabbing Nick Foles. In PPR leagues you need at least three good wide receivers and Marcus had Antonio Brown, Alshon Jeffrey and Demaryius Thomas. Wait he still needs a running back. Again he's all set as he had the second best fantasy running back in LeSean McCoy.

The third place game saw an old friend of mine, Bob Vorlicek, owner of LuvMeSomeLT, come out on top against Rhett Bomarians. Bob rode the resurgent Phillip Rivers and the surprising Julius Thomas to his third place showing. Dez Bryant and Andre Johnson were the back-bone of Bob's team and he even had the guts to sit Matthew Stafford in week 16.

Enough with the recap, you probably want to know who won the prize. Well the guys from FootballGuys went above and beyond and decided to give season passes to both champions of our Big Blue View Leagues! Jeff Haseley, @JeffHaseley of FootballGuys, has promised that both winners will receive their complimentary season passes this May when the new passes take effect. I will be in contact through email as soon as Jeff let's me know the passes are ready. Again, congratulations to the winners and I know I will have my hands full next year with you both having access to the FootballGuy's website.

Head over to for all of your Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Football needs as the site has been completely redesigned. The rankings you will see will now be featured on FantasyPros along side some of the best in the business. The Trick Plays podcast is still going strong, but we will not be recording every week in the off season so please sign up so you can be notified when a new podcast is up. Thanks again everyone, and hopefully next season you can be the one beating me in a title game.