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Big Blue View Offseason Survival Guide

No football on Sunday? What is a fanatic going to do?

Ahh, the first Sunday of 2014 without any football. What on earth are you going to do? It seems like forever since the New York Giants have played -- because, of course, it has been. At least you have had post-season football and a couple of college all-star showcases to feed your football fix. Now, though, you have to wait until August for preseason games.

So, what are you going to do? Well, here is a handy-dandy offseason survival guide from Big Blue View filled with ideas to help you through. Some these will be serious, some snarky.

1. It's still winter. Take the wife and kids skiing, hiking, ice fishing, skating. Whatever you do, don't sit around and wait for the 'honey-do' list to appear. My wife loves to hike, so I know I'm going to regret this one.

2. For God's sake, those of you who are married or have a significant other please remember that next Friday is Valentine's Day. Take care of the one you love. Seriously, we literally want you to survive the offseason.

3. Obsess over mock drafts for the next three months. Or even which free agents the Giants should pursue. Oh, wait, I don't have to suggest that -- you are already doing it.

4. Plan a vacation. You know, a May 8-10 trip to New York City would be perfect. The city in the spring! And when you get there the 2014 NFL Draft will just happen to be in town.

5. Remember, there are other sports. Go hammer Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks for a while. Watch and see if Masihiro Tanaka of the New York Yankees is worth the hype. March Madness is only a few weeks away. So is golf season.

Anyway, I promise you will survive. Besides, Big Blue View is always here for you to get your Giants' fix.