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Brandon Myers, Corey Webster are now ex-New York Giants

The Giants say goodbye to two players who did not live up to expectations in 2013.

Corey Webster
Corey Webster
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

As we mentioned was expected on Friday, the New York Giants have voided the contracts of tight end Brandon Myers and cornerback Corey Webster, making both free agents.

Truth is, neither player will be missed by the Giants.

Myers gave the Giants effort after being acquired as a free agent from the Oakland Raiders. The way the Giants' offense was structured he could not have been expected to match the 79 passes he caught for the Raiders in 2012. He never became any sort of real weapon for Eli Manning, however. He caught 47 passes, mostly as a last-resort dump-off target. Moreover, Myers is a weak blocker who was never a fit for a team that has traditionally expected its tight end to play inline and be able to seal the edge for the run and help protect the edge at times in the passing game. Myers does not have the size or skills to do either.

Webster followed up a horrid 2012 season by playing in only four games in 2013. He accepted a pay cut to stay with the Giants, but still collected $4 million for those four games -- just two starts. He played only two games (15 total snaps) after Week 2, and never made an appearance after Week 8, claiming a variety of leg injuries.

If you are a Twitter user, you likely know that Carl Banks (@CarlBanksGIII) and Pat Traina (@Patricia_Traina) had a lengthy back-and-forth this morning during which Banks basically tore Webster apart.

Among other things, Banks said Webster "quit on his team." Banks also said that "what Webster did goes beyond the pale. He wouldn't practice or play, mystery injuries each week."

That's a pretty strong indictment of a guy who was once a good player and a critical piece of the Giants' defense. The sad part is Webster has no business being upset about the $4 million the Giants paid him. Yes, it was a pay cut for Webster from the $9.3 million he took home (via in 2012, but Webster should have been thrilled by it. Had the Giants cut him outright following his miserable 2012 season it's likely there isn't another team in the league that would have given Webster anything close to that $4 million. Webster should have been grateful to the Giants and hungry to prove he could still play. Instead, it appears he pouted, collected his paycheck and went in the tank.