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Help Wanted: Big Blue View seeks moderators

Big Blue View has grown immensely over the past couple of years. As a result, we will be looking for a little help as we continue trying to grow the best New York Giants web site anywhere. The first thing we are looking to do is add one or two moderators to the site.

Moderating comments is a thankless task and one 'brisulph' has done with little help for several years now. This is a non-writing role. If you are interested in helping us maintain the decorum of the site e-mail for more details.

As a refresher for everyone,

The Guidelines

No Vulgarity & Profanity: There is no place for either here.

Be Respectful: NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. No name-calling. Attack the post or comment, not the poster.

Trolls: Fans of other teams have the right to comment -- provided they act in a mature manner. If a troll comes to Big Blue View and comments inappropriately, please do not engage him or her. Simply 'flag' the comment as inappropriate or e-mail

Trolling: You represent Big Blue View when you are visiting another site. Please keep your emotions in check and represent the community with class.

Advertising: If you post simply to sell a product or promote your own Web site those posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

No Racism/Sexism/Politics: This is a football site.

Plagiarism: Do not simply copy and paste full articles into a FanPost or Fanshot. Use a small piece of it and link to it. Don't steal other people's work.

What You Can Do

Be mature. Everyone is here because they love the Giants, and love to discuss them. While we're here, we're all friends. Enjoy the conversation. If you are at other sites, represent this one with class.

Police the site. If you find a comment, FanPost or Fanshot you find objectionable use the 'Flag' option or e-mail Do not engage them in an argument.