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Free Agency Discussion: What is the right price for Justin Tuck?

How much money would Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck command on the open market?

How much money is this man worth?
How much money is this man worth?
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tuck has vacillated recently about his upcoming free agency. Sometimes, the veteran defensive end sounds like he wants to return to the New York Giants. At other times, he sounds justifiably curious about what his worth would be on the open market.

So, just what might Tuck, 31 next season, be worth?

Over The Cap broke down the free-agent pass rushers, and figures Tuck is in line for a contract of $4-4.5-million annually, adding that "Anything more than that is just asking for trouble down the line."

Would you offer Tuck two years, $9 million with guaranteed money of somewhere around $5-million if you were Giants' general manager Jerry Reese? Personally, that sounds about right to me. Despite his 11-sack rebound season of 2013 I can't see committing more than two years, and a $5 million guarantee means the cap hit isn't enormous if you want out from under the deal in 2015.

Could Tuck seek more? Perhaps $12-million or more over that two-year period? That's what former sports agent Joel Corry (@corryjoel) believes Tuck might be looking for. If so, does that price him out of a Giants' uniform?

For frame of reference, former Giant Osi Umenyiora got two years, $8.5-million from the Atlanta Falcons last season with a $5-million guarantee.

Your thoughts, Giants' fans? What is the right price for Tuck?