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New York Giants' news, 2/5: Antrel Rolle wants to see more attitude

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 2/5.

MetLife Stadium the day after Super Bowl XLVIII
MetLife Stadium the day after Super Bowl XLVIII
Photo by @BradMayne

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! The snow that hit New Jersey just hours after Super Bowl XLVIII has now reached upstate New York. It is warm and cozy inside, however, so let's see what stories are making news around the Giants today.

Antrel Rolle watched the Seattle Seahawks destroy the Denver Broncos on Sunday and said Tuesday that he would like to see the Giants' defense instill that kind of fear in opponents:

"I think we can be more consistent and have more swagger, be a fearful defense," Rolle said. "The Seattle defense instilled fear in Denver from the first play."

Rolle also said something we are hearing for the first time -- that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell was "restricted" in his play-calling in 2013 due to lack of understanding by some players:

"We need guys taking more initiative and [having] more focus to craft and understand the defense inside and out," Rolle said. "There were times [defensive coordinator] Perry Fewell was restricted from the defense I know he loved to run … and I know could have helped us out."

New Jersey Transit was criticized for its performance after Super Bowl 48. Transit executive director James Weinstein defended his organization's work:

"I think we did an excellent job moving a lot of people to a major event," Weinstein said Monday. "When 82,500 people leave a place at the same time there’s going be congestion. There was, and we got through that congestion in what I believe was a realistic time. It would have been nice if we could have done it faster, but we did it as quickly and as efficiently as we could do it."

New York/New Jersey would like to host another Super Bowl. Here is a list of 10 things that need to improve for that to happen.

Add former NFL general manager Bill Polian to the list of people who don't believe the Giants should pay free-agent wide receiver Hakeem Nicks big money. Said Polian:

"That's not to denigrate Nicks one iota, but the Giants have other needs they have to address first, especially on the offensive line and at running back. They have Jerrel Jernigan, who could step into Nicks' role, or they could get a receiver at a lower number than what he'll command on the open market."

Rotoworld lists Eli Manning No. 4 and Brandon Myers No. 21 among its list of the top 25 most disappointing players of 2013. The choice of Manning is on target, but several Giants could have been listed ahead of Myers.

Everybody knows the Giants need to improve their offensive line. ESPN lists free-agent offensive linemen the Giants could target. places the Giants 21st in its offseason power rankings.