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Roster Rankings: Giants 21st in Rotoworld offseason rankings

Rotoworld's roster rankings reinforce how much work the New York Giants have to do this offseason.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We already know the New York Giants have a ton of work to do to bolster a roster that wasn't anywhere near good enough, or as good as they thought, in 2013. How does the current Giants' roster compare to those of teams around the league as the offseason begins?

Rotoworld has come out with its offseason team needs and roster rankings, and places the Giants' roster 21st our of the 32 NFL teams.

Rotoworld's Evan Silva lists the Giants' four biggest offseason needs as offensive line, cornerback, linebacker and running back while admitting that "tight end and defensive line could have been included here."

The biggest need is, of course, offensive line. Silva writes that the line "fell straight off a cliff in 2013, and none of GM Jerry Reese's recent draft stabs filled the voids." He adds that cornerback is "another area in which Reese's recent drafts have come up painfully short."

For the sake of comparison, Silva ranks the Philadelphia Eagles' roster 11th, the Washington Redskins' roster 17th and the Dallas Cowboys' roster 18th.

The best rosters? The top three are the defending champion Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos.