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2015 Super Bowl Odds: Seahawks, Broncos favored; Giants 40-1

What are the odds the New York Giants are hoisting the Lombardi Trophy a year from now?

Seattle's Russell Okung celebrates with the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night
Seattle's Russell Okung celebrates with the Lombardi Trophy Sunday night
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are 2014 Super Bowl champs, having thoroughly dismantled the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, 43-8. What are the odds that the New York Giants will be holding the Lombardi Trophy after the 2015 Super Bowl?

Well, R.J. Bell of says those odds aren't great. Bell lists the Giants, who missed the playoffs the past two seasons, as 40-1 to be the champs next season.

The favorites? The two teams who just played at MetLife Stadium. The Seahawks are 7-1 to repeat, with the Broncos 8-1 to represent the AFC again. The San Francisco 49ers are also 8-1.

Among NFC East teams the Philadelphia Eagles are 30-1, and the Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are all 40-1.

Here are your complete 2015 Super Bowl odds:

Seahawks: 7/1

Broncos: 8/1

49ers: 8/1

Patriots: 12/1

Packers: 20/1

Saints: 20/1
Falcons: 25/1

Bengals: 25/1

Panthers: 25/1
Colts: 30/1

Chiefs: 30/1

Eagles: 30/1

Bears: 30/1

Cardinals: 30/1

Cowboys: 40/1

Giants: 40/1

Redskins: 40/1

Lions: 40/1

Rams: 40/1

Steelers: 40/1

Ravens: 40/1

Texans: 40/1

Chargers: 40/1

Dolphins: 50/1

Bucs: 60/1

Titans: 60/1

Jets: 75/1

Bills: 75/1

Browns: 75/1
Vikings: 100/1

Jaguars: 200/1

Raiders: 200/1