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Giants' Chris Snee doesn't want to leave 'dream job'

Snee says his "passion for the game is still there" and he wants to try to play one more season.

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Chris Snee
Chris Snee

We heard Thursday that veteran New York Giants' offensive lineman Chris Snee, off surgeries on each hip the past two years and an extensive elbow surgery last fall, wants to play one more season for the Giants.

Snee appeared on Sirius XM NFL Radio Friday morning and confirmed that he won't retire.

"It became clear to me in January as I was watching the playoffs my passion for the game is still there. That's when I knew I still had it in me," Snee said. "This is all I've known. To have your dream job you don't want to walk away from it and regret it."

The 32-year-old four-time Pro Bowler knows his $11.3 million salary cap number is too high, and expressed willingness to take a pay cut.

'This is all I've known. To have your dream job you don't want to walk away from it and regret it.' - Chris Snee

"I'm easy. I've never complained, even when I was a younger guy on my rookie deal never complained about wanting to make more money. I've always re-structured and now comes a time where I know my number's high," Snee said. "The most important thing is to be a part of a winning team. My role is to take a pay cut and bring in guys who can help the team."

Snee said he feels "as good as I have in a long time" while also admitting that he may need hip replacements down the line. Still also knows he isn't the same player he was when he made three straight Pro Bowls from 2008-2010, and that he will have to play well enough to prove he belongs on the field.

"Leaving the team when it's at its lowest point doesn't sit well with me. I want to do what I can," Snee said. "If I come back and somebody beats me out and I have to mentor a young guy ... if that's my role then I'm all for it. Whatever I can do to help things get back on the right path."