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Weatherford Wednesday: Catching up with Giants' punter Steve Weatherford

Let's catch up with the offseason exploits of Giants' punter Steve Weatherford.

via @Weatherford5

New York Giants' punter Steve Weatherford is one of the more down-to-earth professional athletes you will ever meet. The Giants punter is active in the community and always seems to be appearing somewhere or doing something entertaining. He spends a good chunk of time telling the world about his exploits via his Twitter account (@Weatherford5).

Because it is the offseason and we can't spend every waking hour discussing the 2014 NFL Draft or free agency (well, we can but let's all admit that gets old after a while) we're going to occasionally catch up with Weatherford's activities. I guess we will call this little distraction 'Weatherford Wednesdays.'

Oh, and Steve maybe you didn't believe me but I did warn you this was coming. So, let's have a little fun with our first Weatherford Wednesday.

Our man Steve is a workout freak. Here, he has found a new way to help push himself even harder.

You know, I attended a Polar Plunge once. No way you're getting me to do this.

Impressed by the 4.62 40-yard dash Miami punter Pat O'Donnell ran at the NFL Combine? Weatherford isn't.

Weatherford was All-State in track three times in high school, so we believe it. Besides, he is way more ripped than Big Blue View so we aren't going to argue.

Check back next week for another edition of 'Weatherford Wednesday.'