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Jerry Reese: Hakeem Nicks, Justin Tuck will test free-agent market

Giants' GM Jerry Reese spoke to reporters Saturday at the NFL Combine.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' general manager Jerry Reese said Saturday that he expects free agents Justin Tuck and Hakeem Nicks to test their value on the open market.

"You never know [about them returning], but those guys deserve to see what the market is," Reese said. "We think it's best for us right now to wait and see what the market is and make our moves from there."

Here is more of what Reese had to say, much of which is available to be heard on

On the offense with Ben McAdoo taking over as offensive coordinator from Kevin Gilbride:

"It was time to make a change. ... I think it's going to energize our quarterback a little bit. I think everybody's excited about what's going on."

On expectations following a 7-9 season:

"I think we can turn it around. Obviously there's going to be some significant changes on our roster."

Reese gave his standard answer on the 2014 NFL Draft, saying having a new offensive coordinator won't change the type of players the team looks for:

"We always try to look for the best player available. That doesn't change for us."

On the possible return of Chris Snee, who has had a pair of hip surgeries the past two seasons:

"Is he going to be healthy, that's the number one thing. He's got a big contract, that's an issue as well. All that will get hashed out when we figure out if he's going to be healthy enough. He definitely wants to play. He's had significant injuries and he's not a baby at this point in his career, so that always factors in."

On the recovery of David Wilson:

"We hoping that David can come back and be healthy," Reese said. "Obviously we won't put all of our eggs in that basket. We'll continue to look for a running back in free agency and the draft as well."

On the team's approach to free agency:

"If there's some guys you like and you have the money, go get 'em. But if you can hold your water I think there will probably be some guys available in that second and third wave."

On the development of Rueben Randle, who would seem to be line to replace Hakeem Nicks. Reese said "the jury's still out" on whether or not Randle can be a No. 1 receiver:

"We expect him to make a significant jump. We expect him to grow and be a more mature player and be a strong contributor for us."

On offensive linemen in the 2014 NFL Draft class:

"There seems to be some very good players in the draft. All the gurus say they're players, so I believe them. ... We just want some big, nasty guys up front who can keep our quarterback upright. ... We always look for versatile guys for our offensive line, the more you can do the better you are for us."

On the increasing salary cap, now estimated to possibly be as high as $132 million next season:

"I'm always pleased, it's been pretty flat. It's hard to maintain a high-caliber roster with a flat salary cap, especially when you're picking late and last some of the times that you're picking. Anything's better than flat."