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Tom Coughlin, Giants agree to one-year extension

The Giants have extended Tom Coughlin's contract through the 2015 season.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATED 2:45 PM EST: Adding information from Coughlin about a variety of topics beyond his contract extension.]

Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants have agreed to a one-year contract extension that will push Coughlin's contract through the 2015 season. Coughlin broke the news himself Friday afternoon during a press conference at the 2014 NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

"The Giants have always done that," Coughlin said. "That's the way it has been indicated to me. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it to be honest with you. We've got a lot of work going on in our business, as you know. I had great confidence that it would happen. And it did."

Coughlin, 68, when next season begins, was set to enter the final year of his contract. Both Coughlin and Giants' co-owner John Mara have said since the end of the offseason that they simply needed to find time to work out an extension.

Here are some of the other things Coughlin addressed during his press conference on Friday.

Coughlin says new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo "does not describe himself as West Coast," which is basically the system run by McAdoo's former employer, the Green Bay Packers:

"He thinks more in terms of the ball going vertical or down the field if the opportunities present themselves. ... We're very new into the development of where we'll go and what our program will be, but it's a good time, it's an exciting time. I feel good about it."

Coughlin added that McAdoo "will have the final say on that [system] and of course play-calling, but I'll be very much involved."

On concern about Eli Manning:

"We're very confident that Eli will, with the help of others around him, he's not by himself in this by any means, with the help of his coaches and the help of his teammates, will return to the high stature that we hold him in. I feel very good about that. I've seen it in his eyes as he's returned back a couple of times in the last couple of weeks."

On Hakeem Nicks' future as a Giant:

"He's a free agent and who knows. You'd basically like to have all of your free agents back, that doesn't happen. You have guys injured, you have limitations on salaries. I'm sure that the market will be where Hakeem will go and we'll see what happens."

What is almost certain to happen is that Nicks leaves the Giants. A report today estimated the chances of Nicks being back with the Giants in 2014 as "close to zero."

On the possibility running back David Wilson will be ready for training camp:

"I really don't know the answer to that question. ... Forget about that he could be a difference-maker on the team, it's the idea that is he going to be healthy enough to be able to withstand. That will be the doctors' and our main concern. We're not going to put him out there unless he really really believes in himself again and the doctors
believe he'll be ready to go."

On the possibility of Chris Snee returning:

"He's progressing well. He's working. He's building himself back up. He feels good and he's looking forward to feeling better. All I can tell you is that he's making very good progress."