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New York Giants' news, 2/19: Knowshon Moreno on Giants' radar?

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 2/19.

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Knowshon Moreno vs. the Giants in 2013
Knowshon Moreno vs. the Giants in 2013
Maddie Meyer

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Wednesday morning headlines.

Could Denver Broncos' running back Knowshon Moreno be a target for the Giants as a free agent? The Latin Times says "multiple reports" have shown that Moreno is "high on New York's radar."

[Valentine's View: I have not seen those reports, but Moreno to the Giants is a viable possibility. The Giants will sift through the free-agent running back pool, and right now we don't know where they will find a match.] goes through the list of players the Giants have used the franchise and transition tags on.

Speaking of the franchise tag, USA Today says the Giants should pass on tagging Hakeem Nicks. USA Today's Nate Davis says "the Giants have little reason not to move on from Nicks." I completely agree.

Writing for Sports on Earth, Mike Tanier says the Giants need to start planning for the future:

It's time for the Giants to move on from their two Super Bowl championships and think about what's next. That doesn't mean replacing Eli Manning -- not yet -- but it does mean getting him some help and changing out some of the same old names on the roster.

[Valentine's View: I agree with Tanier on this point, and I believe it is a process the Giants have already begun. I believe that is part of the reason for the complete restructuring of the offensive coaching staff, and my guess is much of the offseason will be spent trying to add younger players to the roster.]

Shutdown Corner has posted its offseason blueprint for the Giants. Nothing earth-shattering in there, but a nice summary of where the Giants are and what they need to do.

Yours truly rarely links to other Giants' blogs, but Giants 101 has posted an excellent interview with Giants' placekicker Josh Brown.