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Submit your Giants' questions for this week's Big Blue View Mailbag

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend I ran a 'Big Blue View Mailbag,' something I will try to do on weekends during the offseason whenever possible. Your participation is critical to make these mailbag posts successful. Can't have a mailbag without mail!

If you have New York Giants or NFL-related questions you can send them to me in a variety of ways. E-mail them to using the subject line 'Big Blue View Mailbag.'If you e-mail, please let me know your BBV user name if you ahave one (and if you don't, what is the deal with that? Hustle up and get yourself one!) You can send me questions to @bigblueview on Twitter, where it would be appreciated if you would use the #bbvmailbag hashtag. You can drop them on the Big Blue View Facebook page. You can even drop them here in the comments if you wish. I will choose the best ones each week.