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Ben Tate perfect free-agent fit for New York Giants?

SB Nation breaks down the perfect free-agent fit for all 32 NFL teams.

Ben Tate
Ben Tate
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We have already talked a lot this offseason about the possibility of the free-agent running back Ben Tate joining the New York Giants, including just a couple of days ago. We have to discuss Tate again, however, as SB Nation has chosen Tate for the Giants in a look at the perfect free-agent fit for each team.

Of Tate to the Giants, SB Nation's Jeff Gray writes:

You can take your pick among Giants long list of needs -- offensive line, secondary, defensive end, wide receiver -- but running back isn't a bad place to start. A serious neck injury has jeopardized the career of former first-round pick David Wilson, and there isn't much behind him. Tate has been trapped behind Arian Foster on Houston's depth chart for years, and is ready to prove he can be a feature back.

Andre Brown boosters won't like that statement much, but it is pretty hard to argue with.

Gray has wide receiver Hakeem Nicks as the "perfect fit" for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He writes:

Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery are set to be free agents, and the Steelers, sitting nearly $13 million over the estimated 2014 salary cap, can't afford to bring them both back. Sanders is as good as gone, which means Pittsburgh needs to bring in a cheap complement to Antonio Brown. Enter Nicks, who had a disappointing, touchdown-less season with the Giants, but does have a proven track record of success prior to his disappointing 2013.

Gray chose wide receiver Doug Baldwin for the Carolina Panthers, the place where many people ultimately believe Nicks -- who played collegiately at North Carolina -- ends up.

Defensive tackle Henry Melton was the choice for the Dallas Cowboys. Since Melton missed 2013 with a torn ACL you can make the argument that a healthy Joseph who is just entering his prime would be a better choice for Dallas.

Inside linebacker Daryl Smith is the choice for the Indianapolis Colts rather than Beason.