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New York Giants' news, 2/12: Damontre Moore, Adrien Robinson, more

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 2/12.

Damontre Moore
Damontre Moore
Maddie Meyer

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are the Giants-related stories making headlines this frigid Wednesday morning.

Remember that shoulder injury defensive end Damontre Moore suffered way back during the preseason? Well, Moore had shoulder surgery once the season ended. On Tuesday he told the Star-Ledger that he should be able to resume lifting weight soon, and aims to add 15 pounds of muscle before the 2014 season. Moore, just 21, came into the NFL as a rookie listed at just 250 pounds -- extremely light for a 4-3 defensive end.

Tight end Adrien Robinson has had two disappointing seasons with the Giants, unable to get on the field for a myriad of reasons. He told the Star-Ledger that if he is ever going to prove he is really an NFL player "it has to be this year."

Ernie Palladino of WFAN agrees with the opinion that Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, set to become the league's first openly gay player, will fit in an NFL locker room -- if he is good enough to help a team win.

Terrell Thomas of the Giants isn't so sure NFL players will be accepting of Sam.

"It changes things around the locker room. How you can act, how you can talk. Unwanted attention to your organization, unwanted questions that you have to answer. It puts a lot of pressure on certain people who don’t want to be in that position.’’

USA Today breaks down draft needs for the Giants, and comes to the same conclusion everyone else has reached. That being, of course, that the Giants' biggest need is to fix their offensive line. USA Today's Mike Korman offers thoughts on a few players in the draft who could help the Giants.

Free agency comes before the draft, and offers an NFC East free agency primer.