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Jermichael Finley Rumors: Would free agent tight end 'go running' to Giants?

The Green Bay Packers tight end will be a free agent next month, and a reunion with Giants' offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, formerly an assistant with the Packers, is possible.

Jermichael Finley with the Packers in 2013
Jermichael Finley with the Packers in 2013
Patrick Smith

Count Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley among those who is a huge fan Ben McAdoo, hired away from the Packers recently to be the new offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

Finley is a free agent and the Giants are probably in the market for help at tight end, so the logical question is whether or not Finley would consider coming to New York when he hits the market on March 11.

Don't go counting on Finley, who turns 27 in March, becoming a Giant just yet. There are plenty of questions to be answered before the Giants even decide whether or not to pursue Finley. Chief among those is Finley's health. He played only six games in 2013 before undergoing season-ending neck surgery. He expects medical clearance to play again within the next few weeks.

If he gets that clearance there is the question how the Giants will use tight ends in McAdoo's offense. Finley caught 55 passes in 2011 and 61 passes in 2012 and can obviously be a weapon in the passing game. He is 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, however, so you would question his ability to be an inline blocker if that is what the Giants are looking for.

There is also the matter of money. Finley told Art Stapleton of The Record that he would like a long-term deal, but would "go for a prove it deal and prove everybody wrong."

Finally, despite saying he would "go running" if McAdoo called Finley also said this week that if he doesn't return to Green Bay playing for the Seattle Seahawks would be his first choice.

All in all, no way of knowing at this point if Finley and the Giants will end up being a free-agent match. Finley, however, is definitely a player to watch when free agency comes.