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New York Giants' news, 2/1: Justin Tuck leaves the door open

New York Giants' headlines for Saturday, 2/1.

Justin Tuck
Justin Tuck
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tuck on Friday backed slightly off his stance that he would definitely test the free-agent market, saying "there's a chance" that he could re-sign with the Giants before free agency begins on March 11.

"I'm preparing myself to get to free agency, but it might not happen," Tuck said.

General manager Jerry Reese was also quizzed about free agency on Friday. Reese said the Giants "might be able to get a few guys done before the regular free agency starts."

Reese does not expect Tuck to be among the players the Giants are able to keep from hitting the market.

"When you have a chance to get there, you deserve to see what the market is. He deserves to see what the market is," Reese said.

The Seattle Seahawks worked all week at the Giants Quest Diagnostics Training Center in preparation for the Super Bowl, and Seattle coach Pete Carroll said the Giants "have been fantastic in opening their doors to us. They've treated us great."

Still hoping to score Super Bowl tickets? You could be in luck. Experts are saying that tickets on the secondary market could drop as low as $800 this weekend. Yahoo Sports says this could become the cheapest Super Bowl to attend since the 2002 game in New Orleans between the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots.

Former soccer great Pele says the Giants gave him an opportunity to become their placekicker once his soccer career was finished. He said he chose not to.

Jason Pierre-Paul won't need shoulder surgery and says "I know I'm going to be 100 percent next year going into the season." He says he believes the Giants can have the No. 1 defense in the league if Tuck returns.

The helmet catch by David Tyree in the 2007 Super Bowl will always be aprt of Giants' -- and Super Bowl -- history. Each year before the Super Bowl Tyree finds himself a psought-after figure.

"My whole career was a great memory, but obviously this week does kind of commemorate all the great things that happened six years ago," Tyree said. "I become relevant a little bit, become part of the conversation, whereas throughout the year I'm not in much of it and that's great. But it's a good time to be relevant."

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Former Giant Leonard Marshall, struggling with brain issues, challenges NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to give more help to former players.