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Super Bowl XXV: Remembering when the Giants topped the Bills

The Giants' second Super Bowl title has been talked about quite a bit in the buildup to Super Bowl XLVIII. That game is the last time a top-ranked defense met a top-ranked offense in the Super Bowl.

Tom Pennington

Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday will match the No. 1 ranked offense of the Denver Broncos vs. the No. 1 ranked defense of the Seattle Seahawks. There has been a lot of talk about that leading up to Sunday's game, as well as about the last time that happened.

That, you recall, was 1990 when the New York Giants and their NFL-best offense defeated the Buffalo Bills and their NFL-best offense, 20-19. The Scott Norwood wide right game.

What are your memories from that game, Giants' fans?

I remember running back Ottis Anderson winding up to pummel a helpless Bills' defender after breaking into the secondary, a signature moment in a physical performance from the Giants.

I remember quarterback Jeff Hostletler hanging on to the ball for dear life when sacked for a safety by Buffalo's Bruce Smith, a play that saved the game for the Giants.

I remember being scared to death every time the Bills had the ball, especially when they gave it to electrifying running back Thurman Thomas.

There is one other unforgettable moment from that game -- Whitney Houston singing the best, most moving National Anthem ever at a Super Bowl.

Tell us what your memories are.