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Charlie Casserly: Giants should keep Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese

Former NFL GM offers thoughts on how to fix Giants.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

What is the answer to getting the New York Giants back on a winning path? To former NFL general manager Charlie Casserly, it's not firing head coach Tom Coughlin or general manager Jerry Reese. Rather, it is a thorough examination of how the organization has gotten to this point, missing the playoffs for three consecutive seasons.

"I still have confidence in Jerry Reese. I would retain him." said Casserly, who worked in the Washington Redskins front office from 1977-1999, and was general manager from 1989-99. He was GM of the Houston Texans from 2002-06.

Casserly said the Giants need to assess why so many personnel moves have failed in recent years.

"They have struggled recently with the successes of their personnel moves. This past draft should prove to be helpful though. If I where him [Mara] I would take a hard look at every facet of our scouting operation and he may have already done this before last year's draft," Casserly said. "Something has to be adjusted to improve their record in making personnel decisions. It may be in their scouting system, it could be some scouts need to be changed or Jerry may want to change is time management in how he divides his time between scouting and the management of the team. I had to go through the same thought process as I just outlined for Jerry."

Valentine's View: I think Casserly could be right when he says the Giants may have already adjusted their draft approach. They selected all team captains in the 2014 NFL Draft, and did not take players who seemed to be odd fits for what the coaching staff wanted. Odell Beckham may end up being the best player Reese has ever drafted, and the 2014 class as a whole could be his best. If changes need to be made, VP of Player Evaluation Marc Ross and some of his scouts could pay the price.

What about Coughlin? The head coach will be 69 next season. For Casserly, it's about whether or not Coughlin has the stomach to deal with whatever lies ahead.

"I would retain Tom Coughlin as head coach," Casserly said. "I think he is still doing a good job from what I can see from the outside. The players are still supporting him and he seems to have retained his intensity. I would have a discussion with him about the fact that if it takes a few more years to get back to a winning program, with no guarantee on how fast that will happen, do you want to go through this and how will this affect your legacy?"

Valentine's View: That, I think, is a fair stance on Coughlin. The Giants appear to have a good young core that could lead to a brighter future, but there are no guarantees. This might take a while. Is Coughlin up for the challenge?

Your thoughts, Giants fans?