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Tom Coughlin knows time is now for Giants' future to begin

Coach recognizes that young players have to play, says they are "starting to get" needed experience.

Tom Coughlin during Sunday's game
Tom Coughlin during Sunday's game
Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The nay-sayers will wonder why it didn't start sooner, but New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin made it plain Monday that he is full aware that the younger players who could be part of the team's future need to get playing time going forward.

"It is encouraging, because long have we invested in their playing time," Coughlin said Monday during a conference call to review Sunday's 36-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans.. "Most of these guys, whether it be Kennard, Berhe or any of these younger guys who are getting some snaps and some play time -- you see Wynn in there contributing now and that is a good thing -- the fact that they have played some and they continue to play and get experience and they have had a little taste of success from time to time, that is a good thing. Bromley was in there. Obviously, the production from Andre Williams was good. Richburg has been in there since day one; Beckham, since he has come back from his injury. In order to advance this team, these young guys have got to get great experience and they are starting to get it."

Rookies Odell Beckham, Andre Williams and Devon Kennard all had starring roles in the victory. Rookie Weston Richburg played well at left guard. Second-year players Justin Pugh, Damontre Moore and Johnathan Hankins were key players in the game. Several other young players saw significant playing time.

The future has undoubtedly begun for the Giants, whether it arrived by accident or design.

Asked about Williams, Coughlin said:

"The more he plays the better he gets."

Coughlin said this of Kennard:

"He is maintaining his own at the line of scrimmage, he plays with power, he can shock you on contact, which we all observed. He is a guy that is not prone to missed assignments or anything of that nature. Loves to play, he is physical, so he has been the kind of thing you are looking for."

Coughlin also addressed a handful of other topics.

On what it felt like to win ...

"It's a better day at the office when you win, believe me."

On the improved play of Jason Pierre-Paul ...

"He's taken coaching well. ... He's had some production here of late. Let's hope he keeps right on going."

On the celebration by Antrel Rolle and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that drew a penalty ...

"I don't appreciate that. I think that we talk about team, we don't talk about individuals ... I didn't like what it represented and I will speak to the players that were involved in that."

On the ability of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who has battled injuries much of the season, to stay on the field for the entire game ...

"It was the way it was meant to be from the end of training camp on. Obviously, it kind of settles things down in the guys that are playing in their spots and can stay in their spots. When he is out on that field, you can imagine the play caller being able to call the game the way we would like it called rather than trying to determine who's out there and who's not out there. That is not a reflection on anybody else, it just a statement of fact. I think we have better continuity, for sure. It was good to see him stay out there and get the interception, and hopefully that is going to continue."