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Steve Weatherford: Spat with Tom Quinn just 'heat of the moment'

Veteran punter, special teams coordinator have sideline confrontation

New York Giants fans have been heading to Twitter to ask punter Steve Weatherford about the fairly physical confrontation he had with special teams coordinator Tm Quinn after punting a ball into the end zone for a touch-back in the third quarter.

In case you missed it, Quinn challenged Weatherford after a 61-yard Weatherford punt bounded into the end zone for a touch back. Weatherford gestured at and said something to Quinn, who reacted by trying to grab the punter and then chasing him down the bench.

Here are a couple of Weatherford's tweeted responses:

No idea what was actually said between the two. Best guess is that Quinn wasn't happy that Weatherford had punted the ball so far, missing a chance to pin the Titans inside the 20-yard line.

What's a victory without a little drama, anyway?