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Ben McAdoo Talks Offensive Line, Rueben Randle, Running Backs, And More

Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo talks to the media on a variety of subjects.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Though he has largely been shielded from the ire coming down on Tom Coughlin and Perry Fewell, New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is starting to feel the heat from the New York media.

The first order of business is to address the Giants' historic run of injuries, and how that has effected their team.

"Offensive line we are working through that right now. Working through some different combinations, seeing who is healthy, and getting guys experience moving around and competing at some different spots."

McAdoo then confirmed that Justin Pugh is expected to start at his accustomed right tackle position. He also addressed the struggles of rookie offensive lineman Weston Richburg, saying "Weston Richburg has some good moments in the game. He was like the rest of us, we need to be more consistent in the second half."

And about those second halves, when the offense looked to get lost coming out of the locker room?

McAdoo said "My name is on all of it. Turnovers, that is my responsibility, it goes back to fundamentals, and we need to do a better job of taking care of the ball. That starts with me. It goes back to practice, it is not really just about the game, it is about practicing the way you train and I need to do a better job."

Of course, the run of injuries has extended beyond the offensive line and once again impacted the Giants' starting running back Rashad Jennings. The injury to Jennings promotes rookies Andre Williams and Orleans Darkwa to more prominent roles in the offense.

About Andre Williams, McAdoo had this to say "I think it is healthy for a young guy to be thrust into a role, and to have a chance to see a veteran come back in and do the same job. I think he has a chance to really apply some of the lessons that he has learned, see how another guy goes about his job, and learn from it. I think that is helping him.

Every play tells its own story. You would have to look at each play, and each game, differently, and how we match up. I know we had some tough match-ups with Andre Williams in there. Not to say we didn't with Rashad, but you will learn more about that when you do the off-season studies and the scheme studies and things like that. Some guys run some things a little better than others, strengths, and weaknesses are different depending on how you match up against the opponent."

And on Williams' new partner in the backfield, McAdoo said "He is working his way into it, he has been here a little while, he is smart, conscientious, we trust him. He has a little different flavor back there for us, next man up. ... He is a shiftier type guy and we like his ... stay tuned. We will leave it at that. Yes, he has a good set of hands."

And finally McAdoo addressed Rueben Randle and his role in the offense. "No, Rueben Randle is a starting receiver for us, we have a lot of confidence in him. He made some nice catches and ran well with the ball after the catch last week. I have a lot of confidence in Rueben Randle. Moving forward, we expect him to be a big part of the things we are doing. He is getting better and we expect him to continue to improve and the better decisions you make between the white lines and outside the white lines, the better you will be."