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Giants at Titans 2014: 'Five Questions' with Music City Miracles

Let's learn some things about the Tennessee Titans.

Jurrell Casey is Tennessee's best defensive player
Jurrell Casey is Tennessee's best defensive player
Michael Thomas/Getty Images

The New York Giants face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Truthfully, I don't know a whole lot about the Titans. My guess is many of you don,t either. Let's try to learn a little about Tennessee in this week's 'Five Questions' segment, which features Jimmy Morris of SB Nation's 'Music City Miracles.'

Ed: Thoughts on Zach Mettenberger? Do you like what you see so far? Is he going to play Sunday?

Jimmy: He is going to play Sunday. I do like what I have seen so far. He is a strong-armed guy that can make all of the throws. The biggest knock on him has been that he is a statue, but he has moved in the pocket pretty well the last couple of weeks. He is currently playing behind a terrible offensive line due to injuries and just bad players, so the biggest hope right now is that he just doesn't get killed in the last month of the season.

In my opinion, he has shown enough that the Titans should be comfortable moving forward with him. He is the perfect guy for what Ken Whisenhunt wants to do on offense.

Ed: Before the 2014 draft, Taylor Lewan is a guy we talked a lot about at Big Blue View as a possible Giant. What are your thoughts on Lewan, both as a player on the field and how he has conducted himself thus far off the field?

Jimmy: He has been fine so far off the field. When you listen to interviews with him, he seems like a guy that learned his lesson from the things that he did while in school (of course as soon as I say that something will come out that he has done).

He has been solid on the field so far. He didn't begin the year as the starter, but stepped in when Michael Roos went down with an injury. He isn't as good yet in pass protection as Roos was, but he is already a better run blocker. The dude is a mauler and will most likely be the Titans left tackle for the next decade.

Ed: You are game planning AGAINST the Titans. How do you attack them, offensively and defensively?

Jimmy: All you need to do to attack the offense is send pressure, and in fact, you don't even have to send that many extra guys. The Titans will be playing with their third string left tackle, second string center and possibly their second string right tackle who was a free agent a week ago. Even if Michael Oher is able to play at right tackle, he is terrible. It won't be hard to get pressure. The Titans are also without Justin Hunter who is on IR with a lacerated spleen (ouch!) and could be without Kendall Wright who hurt his hand in practice this week. Attacking the offense is a pretty easy thing to do.

Defensively, they are almost just as bad. They can't stop the run- at all. If the Giants just line up and run 40 times they will win this game easily. If they do decide to pass, they just to throw to the receiver that Blidi Wreh-Wilson is covering. He will be open all day long.

Ed: You can take one player off the Giants roster and put him in your lineup. Who would it be? why?

Jimmy: Give me Odell Beckham Jr. The Titans need a guy that can make some plays down the field from the receiver position. It would also be nice to have him because of his familiarity with Zach Mettenberger (played together at LSU). Currently the Titans don't do a great job of maximizing Mettenberger's arm strength because they don't have a guy that can stretch the field. ODB would give them that guy.

Ed: We don't know the Titans roster very well. Who are some of the key players we should be paying attention to?

Jimmy: On offense watch Delanie Walker. He is the Titans best weapon with everyone healthy, and he is arguable their only weapon with everyone hurt. Walker had a monster start to the year but has missed some time because of a concussion. He should be 100% this week.

On defense the guy is Jurrell Casey. He is really the only difference maker they have on that side of the ball. He is a guy that opposing offensive coordinators have to account for on every play.

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