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Giants' Tom Coughlin: 'I'm here because I want to win'

Coach says "I don't want to be associated with losing."

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In explaining why the organization chose to keep Tom Coughlin on as head coach of the New York Giants despite back-to-back losing seasons, Mara said "I still believe in him. I think Tom gives us the best chance to win." Mara, however, also indicated that the 2015 season was a 'win or else' year for Coughlin and others.

Taking the podium after Mara, Coughlin didn't shy away from that.

"Why am I here? I'm here because I want to win," Coughlin said. "What do you think I'm doing, sitting up in the office with my feet up? You're in this to win. You're in this to try to beat the other guy.

"We're here to win, that's what this thing is about," continued Coughlin, flailing his arms like he was arguing with an official on the sideline. "I'm as sick and disappointed as anybody in the last few years. How are you going to do anything about it other than fight and swing and get back out there and try harder? What else are you gonna do, you gonna go crawl in a corner? No, I'm not gonna do that."

How much longer does the soon-to-be 69-year-old coach want to continue coaching? He deflected that question, as he always does, with humor saying he would love to have a 10- or 12-year extension. He also deflected the one-year contract question by reminding that former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Walter Alston worked on 21 straight one-year deals.

Asked about his legacy, Coughlin said "I don't think about that stuff."

"How I'm viewed as a coach? Yeah, that bugs me. That bothers me for sure, I don't want to be associated with losing. That's not why I came here, that's not why I'm here."