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Giants Morning Report: Who are these Giants, anyway?

New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 12/3.

Eric Herman (left) is now on the Giants' 53-man roster. Geoff Schwartz (right) is on IR
Eric Herman (left) is now on the Giants' 53-man roster. Geoff Schwartz (right) is on IR
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans and happy Weatherford Wednesday! Let's begin your Giants Morning Report by reviewing the roster madness that took place Tuesday afternoon and evening for the Giants. 'Rap' handled getting you updated on all the moves Tuesday night. Let's review.

To injured reserve: Defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, offensive linemen Geoff Schwartz and Adam Snyder, defensive end Robert Ayers, linebacker Terrell Manning.

Added to the roster: Offensive lineman Eric Herman, linebacker James Davidson, defensive tackle Dominique Hamilton, running back Chris Ogbonnaya. By league rules, the Giants can't replace the fifth slot on the roster because Manning wasn't with the team long enough, having just been signed from the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad a week ago.

You will need a scorecard to recognize who is playing for your Giants on Sunday vs. the Tennessee Titans. As for the players, name tags are in order around the locker room.

Support for Tom Coughlin continues

Who knows if it means anything in the end, but beleaguered Giants coach Tom Coughlin continues to receive support from current and former players, and Giants ownership.

Asked about the future of the coach, injured wide receiver Victor Cruz had this to say:

"I love coach Coughlin," Cruz said. "I've always been a big fan of his, he's always treated me with respect and done things that were optimistic and positive and those are all things that I love about him, so I hope he's back with us next year and that's what I'm pulling for."

Cruz, incidentally, also said he is off crutches following surgery for his torn patellar tendon and "ready to rock."

Former Giant Shaun O'Hara, during an appearance Tuesday on Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, said he hopes Coughlin is back in 2015:

"Good coaches like Tom, they don't just grow on trees," O'Hara said.

"I just don't know how, if I'm John Mara, I can sit there and say this is Tom Coughlin's fault. Tom Coughlin is not missing the field goal. Tom Coughlin is not getting sacked and fumbling the football."

O'Hara continued with this:

"When I watch these games I look at the players and I say ‘what the heck are these guys doing?' I played for Tom. I know what he's saying in the meeting rooms on Wednesday. He's telling them to take care of the football. He's showing them. You win against the Jacksonville Jaguars 100 percent of the time when you win the turnover battle. Yet, they don't listen. I put it on the players.

"I think Tom has done a phenomenal job. I don't think he has a very good roster, and I think that's been going on for a couple of years."

Giants' co-owner Steve Tisch also offered Coughlin some support on Tuesday:

"I think it's unfair to blame one individual," Tisch said on Tuesday. "That's totally unacceptable. Tom has been very gracious saying 'Blame me, blame me, blame me.' I don't blame Tom Coughlin. I don't blame any single player. It's just been a very frustrating year. We've had a lot of injuries . . . with starters, with key players, with captains. It's been a tough, tough year. But we're going to get it right."

It wasn't an absolution. It wasn't a vote of confidence. But neither was it a condemnation nor a noncommittal "no comment." Tisch's statements did give a sense that ownership recognizes there are more issues to resolve than who will be the coach.

"We'll look at what needs to be changed, what needs to be adjusted, what needs to be fixed and what positions both on the playing field and in the coaching staff need to be replaced," Tisch said.

There was also this tweet Wednesday morning from Giants' punter Steve Weatherford:


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