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Fantasy Football: Week 14 Waiver Wire Advice

The Fantasy Coach, Dennis Esser, gives you his thoughts on who to pick up on the week 14 Waiver Wire in Fantasy Football.

Dan Herron takes a handoff from Andrew Luck
Dan Herron takes a handoff from Andrew Luck
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Well for most of you reading this you have either punched your ticket to the fantasy playoffs or you are drowning your sorrows for not going after C.J. Anderson on your waiver wire.

In 10-team leagues there is still a chance to jockey for playoff positioning and to grab that final piece of the fantasy playoff puzzle for your team.

A few names that will help you:

Dan Herron, Indianapolis Colts, (40 percent owned in ESPN leagues) Dan "Boom" Herron has fumbled twice since Ahmad Bradshaw went down with an injury, but it doesn't sound like the Colts are souring on him one bit. He ran the ball eight times for 88 yards and had a nice break away TD that Trent Richardson must have thought was impossible. His seven receptions over the last two weeks are  ice little bonus in PPR leagues as well. I'm a big believer in Herron after watching him perform at Ohio State all those years and think that he could be a nice piece to a Zero-RB (drafting theory developed by Shawn Seigele) team.

Stedman Bailey, St. Louis Rams, (4 percent owned in ESPN leagues)  Bailey was that other West Virginia wide receiver that the Rams drafted last season.  He struggled to get involved his first year and this year he had to deal with a suspension. The injury to Brian Quick and cutting of Austin Pettis have led to more playing time for Bailey and it looks like he has a nice rapport with Shaun Hill.  All of Bailey's production this week came in the first quarter as the Rams jumped way ahead of the Raiders. The Rams simply milked the clock from then on and that may be a good thing for your chances of grabbing Bailey on the Waiver Wire. Bailey should move up into my WR3 rankings and could help you in a PPR league.

Jordan Reed, Washington, (24 percent owned in ESPN leagues) Reed finally got over his hamstring injury to put up a huge game against the Colts this past week. The fact that Garcon is virtually invisible is a nice bonus for Reed.  The injury to DeSean Jackson also helps Reed's immediate outlook. If Colt McCoy zeroes in on his big athletic tight end Reed could pay off big time down the stretch.

Connor Barth, Denver Broncos, (2.1 percent owned in ESPN leagues) I'm talking about a kicker? Yep, a kicker can be the key to a championship, just ask Justin Tucker owners from last year. Barth hit five field goals in his first game with the Broncos this past week. The Broncos are one of the most prolific scoring teams in all of football and you will get the guy that will be involved in almost every scoring play. If the Denver defense can continue to improve the game flow will mean that Barth's field goals will come as the Broncos are trying to salt away some wins. The added distance of kicking in Denver doesn't hurt either. This week he gets the Buffalo defense where field goals could be more important to the Broncos.

The Houston Texans Defense for week 14 and the Kansas City Chiefs defense for week 15. The Texans get the Jaguars and the offensive line that made the Giants D look like they could pressure the QB, while the Chiefs get the Raiders in Kansas City the next week. Overpay for the Texans if you have to and plan ahead with the Chiefs for week 15.

Next week I will give the updates on who made the playoffs in Big Blue View Leagues One and Two.