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Black Monday: Rex Ryan headlines coaches who are now out of work

Tracking which coaches and GMs are out

Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan has been fired as coach of the New York Jets, news which is sure to get New York Giants' fans wondering if Rex would cross sides and take a job as defensive coordinator of the Giants.

That, almost certainly, won't happen. Most reports have indicated that Ryan has no interest in taking a step back and returning to a role as defensive coordinator. He will, apparently, look for another job as a head coach. And there are plenty of them beginning to open up. The Jets also fired GM John Idzik after two disastrous seasons.

Now, let's track the rest of the coach/GM moves on Black Monday in the NFL.

When head coaches hit the street, assistant coaches of course go with them. Could any of the newly-available coaches end up with the Giants?

Our friends at SB Nation are also tracking today's firings. We will try to update this throughout the day, though media access to players a bit later this morning will interrupt our tracking efforts. Feel free to add your own updates in the comments.