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Giants-Eagles Final Score: Post-Game Quotebook

What the Giants players were saying after Sunday's game

Jason Pierre-Paul sacks Mark Sanchez on Sunday
Jason Pierre-Paul sacks Mark Sanchez on Sunday
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants' season, a disappointing one that ended with a 6-10 record, is over. Here is some of what players were saying in the locker room as they begin the process of heading into their off-season.

Jason Pierre-Paul: What Hometown Discount?

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul heads into free agency after a two-sack day that raised his total to 12.5 for the season. At 26, Pierre-Paul will likely command a huge pay day on the open market. He made it clear the Giants won't get a hometown discount.

"Do you get discounts? Do you get discounts when you go to Macy's? You do if you have a discount coupon. I don't know. We will see what happens," he said.

Pierre-Paul did offer support for head coach Tom Coughlin.

"I look at Coach Coughlin as a dad. He is a good coach. The way he runs things around here is very respectful. Guys respect that. You need somebody like that on the team. Otherwise, it would be chaos. Coach Coughlin is a very good coach. I am pretty sure he is going to be back next year," Pierre-Paul said.

Antrel Rolle 'Wouldn't Change' Time With Giants

Defensive captain Antrel Rolle also heads into free agency, and it is uncertain how badly the Giants want the 32-year-old safety to return in 2015. Rolle hopes to return.

"If this is my last game as a Giant, I am very appreciative, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I have had a wonderful five years here and I gave the team every single inch that I have. I gave them every single thing I had. We will see once the offseason comes, once we figure out what it is we need to do. Hopefully we can come to an agreement and get something done and I can remain a Giant.

"I want to stay here. I definitely want to stay here. I feel like we are building something, although we haven't had the season that we wanted to have. We are still building something. I think there is a lot of room for us to grow with what we have accomplished thus far. I would love to be a part of that. I think I am a huge part of it and I will love to stay a part of that and keep things going."

Steve Weatherford

For Giants' punter Steve Weatherford, the 2014 season started with a partially blocked punt and then a second protection breakdown that led to him tearing ligaments in his left ankle. It ended Sunday with a partially blocked punt that the Eagles returned for a touchdown.

"It's been kinda one thing after another. It's been frustrating," said Weatherford.

The punter admitted that he's "got some recovering to do" from those torn ligaments.