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College Football Bowl Schedule: Sun Bowl, (15) Arizona State vs. Duke -- Game time, TV, odds, 2015 NFL Draft prospects

There are definitely a few good players in this tilt between demons, as the Sun Devils take on the Blue Devils.

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This game is going to be devilishly fun. Okay, that was a bad pun. There's plenty of reasons to watch the Sun Bowl as the Arizona State Sun Devils take on the Duke Blue Devils. At one point, the Blue Devils were leading the ACC, but a late-season collapse marred what was a very good season. Let's get down to the prospects.

There are two really, really good prospects on display in this game, one from each team. The best prospect is the dominant wide receiver for ASU, and that's Jaelen Strong. Strong lives up to his surname as a monstrous wide receiver measuring 6-foot-3, 215 pounds. He's got tremendous body control and has a fantastic catch radius.


I see him as a slightly slower Keenan Allen, which would obviously be a great pickup for anybody and I anticipate him going in the bottom half of the first round to perhaps the top half of the second. The other really strong prospect is Duke guard Laken Tomlinson. A big guy that can move and pass protect is absolutely key as we certainly found out this year.

Keep on the look out for him, as he's slotted to go anywhere from the high second round to Day 3, depending on who you talk to. I really like him, and have him close to A.J. Cann as the best guard in the draft.

There are a couple other guys worth watching from these teams as well. Damarious Randall is a 6-foot free safety prospect for the Sun Devils that's got some nice range and could be a late round pick. Duke has Jamison Crowder, a pint sized dynamite WR who reminds me of Jalen Saunders. He moves around a lot and could be a mid to late round pick and has some really good special teams upside.

Game Details

Teams: (15) Arizona State Sun Devils vs. Duke Blue Devils

Odds: ASU (-9)

Game Time: Saturday, Dec. 27th, 2 p.m. EST