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Fantasy Football: Your Big Blue View league champions

The Big Blue View Fantasy Football Leagues had their winners crowned this week and Dennis Esser is going to let you know how each league was conquered.

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First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in this year's leagues.  We had a lot of interest this year and both BBV League 1 and BBV League 2 were very competitive.

In BBV League 1, 'CasanovaWong' won the championship over last year's winner Marcus Longridge.  CasanovaWong had a great run in the playoffs that started with a win over a 12-2 2Ringz in the Semi-final and culminated with a win over Marcus Longridge in the final.  CasanovaWong's team was one of many that rode a hot Tony Romo (really CasanovaWong) and a hot Jeremy Hill during the final two weeks of the playoffs.  Their performances were enough to offset some struggles in his receiving corps. The runner-up, Marcus Longridge, was one of many fantasy owners who took it on the chin when Andrew Luck struggled on Championship Sunday. The hand injury to DeMarco Murray didn't help either.  I want to congratulate Da'Monsters who were able to beat 2Ringz for third place in BBV League 1. Lamar Miller and Antonio Gates were the difference in that one, even though he started an injured TY Hilton. For 2Ringz it looks like it was the struggles of Jamaal Charles that were to blame for coming up short.  I'm sure he's as mad at Andy Reid as I am for coddling Charles in week 15 against the Raiders.

In BBV League 2, is all about the juggernaut named 'Charles L'. Charles L's Team finished up the regular season 11-3 and dominated in the playoffs as he breezed by me in the semi-final and crushed Pierre-Paul & Marry.  Charles L.'s team was led by Peyton Manning (real game performance doesn't matter here), Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown and Antonio Gates.  It doesn't surprise me in the least that his team had Gates and Beckham Jr. as those were two of the names most associated with championships. Pierre-Paul and Marry followed a popular theme of getting killed by Andrew Luck and having an injured TY Hilton on his bench.  This time Le'Veon Bell wasn't enough to win a championship and that's a rare thing to say this year. In the third-place game I defeated BeGiant with a huge performance from Russell Wilson. Wilson was on a ton of title winners as he crushed the Arizona Cardinals in the final week.

If you were lucky enough to win one of the Big Blue View Leagues please contact me through email at This year's prize will be a paid subscription to, which is home to the most accurate fantasy football ranker for 2014, John Paulsen.

For week 17 of the NFL season I really don't have any strong thoughts one way or the other.  All of the leagues I run end week 16 and all of the leagues I play in (all 144) end week 16. I think it's important to end week 16 for so many reasons, but number one for me is family. I don't want anything to distract me during the holidays with my family. Fantasy Sports is a huge distraction for me as it's an all or nothing endeavor. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the distraction from the preseason all the way up to the last whistle on Monday Night Football in week 16, but after that I shut it down. I won't start up again until mid-January when my Podcast, The Fantasy Coach Podcast, will start up again with all new Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball Preseason Episodes.

If you're unlucky enough to be playing week 17 of the NFL season you can always contact me on Twitter, @Coachesser, and on Facebook, Coach Esser's Playbook, for any start/sit or DFS questions.

If you are playing in Week 17 it's important to know which teams have something to play for and Chet Gresham sent out a tweet this morning that looks just about right.

I hope everyone has a really happy holidays and Go Giants!