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Victor Cruz Injury Update: Cruz updates progress in recovery from knee surgery

Cruz says he is "fully mobile, but not running just yet."

It is Christmas Eve and visions of Victor Cruz teaming with Odell Beckham to cause nightmares for opposing defenses during the 2015 season are dancing in the heads of New York Giants fans. Cruz spoke to the New York media on Wednesday, and said he is dreaming about it, too.

"Watching Odell's been fun, man. That kid's been great," Cruz said. "That kid's a heck of an athlete, heck of a ball player. Just seeing the things he's doing out there is motivating me to come back and be able to play next to him and do some really good things next year."

Cruz, 10 weeks removed from surgery to repair his torn patellar tendon, said he has "full range of motion" in his knee. He said he is "pretty much fully mobile, but not running just yet."

Cruz was asked what advice he has given to Beckham as he deals with his sudden stardom. Cruz offered this sage comment, which Beckham and all athletes would be well-advised to follow:

"Just stay grounded. There's gonna be a lot of people reaching for you, tugging for you, trying to be close to you," Cruz said. "Just stick with the people that brought you here. That took care of you when you were younger. That took care of you when you had nothing, essentially."

Beason Out Of Walking Boot

Middle linebacker Jon Beason called Wednesday a "good day," giving the news that he had this morning been allowed to remove the walking boot he had been wearing since undergoing toe surgery. He called that "a little early Christmas present."