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Pro Football Focus Review: New York Giants vs. St. Louis Rams

Let's take a quick and "dirty" look at how the Giants did through the eyes of Pro Football Focus.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

That was a fun game. The New York Giants had their "heads" in the game as they "hunted" for a win. It was definitely a struggle as the Giants needed to dig deep and get their hands "dirty" in order to win. Points just don't come "cheap" you know, you got to take your "shots" down the field. In the end, however, they "targeted" a win and ended up getting one thanks to the offense. Points were "bounty"-ful in this game, as Odell Beckham and friends went off against an...assertive....Rams defense.

In any case, let's take a look at how the players fared this week.

Please Do This Every Week From Now On, Thanks (Offensive MVP)

Rueben Randle (+4.6) - That's kind of crazy to think that there are wide receivers on this team not named Odell Beckham, yet here we are. Randle deserves this. Caught six balls on six targets for 132 yards. He consistently won his match-ups and even when balls were contested, he out-jumped and out-fought the competition. He did all the dirty work as Beckham drew the attention and we can only hope and pray he comes out with this kind of fire every week.

Eli, Odell Have The "Right" Stuff (Key Offensive Contributors)

Eli Manning (+1.7) - Pretty much flawless all game, the reason why he apparently isn't higher according to Pro Football Focus is because he had one or two "almost" interceptions towards the end of the game. I'm not sure why those carry so much weight but I would think he'd have had a better score given the dimes he was handing out otherwise.

Justin Pugh (+1.8) and John Jerry (+1.5) - The right side of the line held up their end of the bargain. We're talking about allowing only ONE QB hurry between both of them all game. Aaron Donald and Chris Long? Invisible. Not too shabby in run defense either. Say what you will about our offensive line, but they've ended the season on a high note.

Odell Beckham Jr. (+1.4) - Should have been higher but he got penalized a little bit for his rushing and for his run blocking. Also, I'm fairly certain that scoring a touchdown when you're wide open doesn't count for much, so I don't see that impacting his grade too positively, hence lower than what one might expect.

You Know What, That's Okay (Offensive GOAT)

Will Beatty (-2.2) - Yes, Beatty didn't have the best game going against Robert Quinn. PFF credited him with four penalties, which certainly brought his score down. On top of that, he allowed two QB hits, which also brought his pass blocking grade down. That being said, Robert Quinn has embarrassed some other top tier tackles, so take this grade with a grain of salt.

You Know What, I'm Fine With This Too (Offensive VIllains)

Preston Parker (-1.7) - As far as actual game play goes, he graded out positive. He got a -2.5 Penalty grade however because he threw punches and got tossed. Now, I'm not advocating violence or throwing punches, and that was a really stupid thing to do, but you know, I don't really think I'm going to blame him for that grade.

Andre Williams (-1.5) - Just an amalgam of things. His running grade was slightly negative, as his multiple two yards and a cloud of dust runs outnumbered his nice ones. Add to that a negative pass protection grade for allowing a sack and a slightly negative pass catching grade and you have this grade here.

The Old Man Shows Up (Defensive MVP)

Jameel McClain (+2.1) - I believe this is his first time as MVP in this series. Congrats to him. He did a little bit of everything for his grade, though I choose to believe the reason he got the highest grade was because he called out how dirty Jeff Fisher and company were after the game.

The DL Breaks It Down (Defensive Contributors)

Cullen Jenkins (+1.9) - He was a pass rushing force yesterday, notching a hit and two more hurries in only 27 pass rush snaps to pace his grade. He's definitely someone valuable that I'd keep around in a rotation next year. Only good pass rusher next to Hankins himself inside.

Kerry Wynn (+1.1) - A sack, a hurry, an interception, and a fumble recovery. Yeah, that'll definitely get you noticed as a key defensive contributor. Welcome, Kerry Wynn. We like you. We like you a lot.

Not His Finest Hour (Defensive GOAT)

Jason Pierre-Paul (-5.0) - JPP didn't have a great game, I happen to disagree with just how bad it was here. Did he struggle in run defense? Absolutely. He also had a sack, a hit, and two more hurries in only 39 pass rushes. We might see a little bit of a correction with his grade (and I'll try my best to update) but it is what it is. Needed to hold the edge better than he has.

Some Definite Confusion (Defensive Villains)

Chykie Brown (-2.4) - Yeah, allowing four receptions on four targets for 64 yards is not exactly how you want to draw it up. Brown had been impressing as of late, but this was a bad game for him.

Mark Herzlich (-2.1) - Herzlich had some issues, mostly with pass coverage. I don't want to blame him too much. We know what he is, a 2 down linebacker best at SAM that can crash and disrupt plays as they develop in the run game. We had him out there trying to defend Tavon Austin in space. Not ideal,.

Antrel Rolle (-2.0) - He's on a Rolle! He's had a negative grade in seven out of the last eight games. This was, again, a little bit of everything, but he was hit with a penalty grade of almost -1.0, and that really pushed his grade down quite a bit. He is going to be quite the dilemma when we hit the offseason.

Johnathan Hankins (-1.8) - This is almost certainly going to be a mistake. He was given a -1.9 grade on penalties alone, which falls in line with those that were ejected. Meanwhile, Damontre Moore was credited with no penalties whatsoever. That means that this grade will almost definitely change once PFF does it's mid-week review.

Mike Patterson (-1.8) - He was blown off the ball way too much en route to a really bad run defense grade. There will not be room in the defensive rotation for him next year. He seems to have run out of gas.

Stevie Brown (-1.5) and Zack Bowman (-1.2) - Each were responsible for blown plays that resulted in big gains. Brown allowed a touchdown to Chris Givens, whereas Bowman allowed multiple catches to Kenny Britt. Those make up the sum of their negative scores this week.