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Jeff Fisher: Giants should 'look themselves in the mirror'

Coach says he does not expect any of his players to be fined for Sunday's brawl.

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St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher
St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Monday that the New York Giants should "look themselves in the mirror" while they are complaining about the events that led to the brawl between the two teams during Sunday's game.

"To buy into all of our friskiness or all this stuff that they're referring to, I think it would be good if they look themselves in the mirror," Fisher said. "They beat us physically in a number of instances, but I don't think we had a lot to do with those things on the sideline other than the attempt to break things up."

Fisher went so far as to tell the St. Louis Post Dispatch he "would be very surprised if we had anybody that was fined" for their role in the brawl.

So, let's review. The Rams, who apparently entered the game already unhappy with Beckham, took exception to his first-quarter end zone celebration and began trying to rough him up after the whistle. T.J. McDonald gets flagged for taunting Beckham out of bounds. Ogletree starts the brawl. William Hayes of St. Louis gets ejected, along with Damontre Moore and Preston Parker of the Giants.

And Fisher expects no fines? What fantasy land is he living in?

The Giants have been vocal in their thoughts about the Rams since the end of Sunday's game. The Post Dispatch offered this summary of comments from various Giants:

After the game, several Giants were critical of the Rams' style of play, particularly as it applied to Beckham.

"It was very dirty," defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said.

"They were going over and beyond when it came to Odell," Giants safety Antrel Rolle said, according to the New York Post. "I don't know if their plan was to bait him or hurt him or whatever it was. But we're going to protect him."

The strongest words came from Giants linebacker Jameel McClain.

"That dirty (stuff) don't make them tough," McClain said, according to "That is a dirty (bleep) organization. They suck as an organization."

Fisher tried to say Beckham dragged Ogletree out of bounds by the face mask, a claim that watching the replay simply does not support. Fisher, incidentally, also thought Giants' placekicker Josh Brown should have been ejected for his kick of Cody Davis.