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2015 NFL Draft Order: Giants now have 11th overall pick

How has the Giants' three game winning streak affected their draft position?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants just can't seem to do anything right, and apparently that includes losing.

By winning Sunday's game against the St Louis Rams, the Giants find themselves in a five-team snarl at 6-9, and ultimately dropping out of their long-held 8th pick in the draft to the 11th overall pick. The Giants are tied with the Minnesota Vikings (8th), Atlanta Falcons (9th), New Orleans Saints (10th), and the St. Louis Rams (12th).

For anyone still hoping for a tank job to improve draft position, you can be angry at the Giants for screwing up and winning. Or, you can be angry a the NFC South for wrecking the bell curve.

When teams are tied, the exact order is determined by strength of schedule. The team that has played against the weaker schedule gets to pick higher. With every team in the division guaranteed to finish below .500, they will "Win" any draft tie breaker.

From there the picks rotate by round. If this draft position held true, the Giants would be picking at 10th in the second round, ninth in the third, and eighth in the fourth round.

At the same time, the Giants falling out of the top-10 in the first round might just be a blessing in disguise.

(Via SBNation)

It looks as though the Giants will be picking somewhere in the 10-13 range. In that range, some prospects to potentially keep an eye on are Shaq Thompson (OLB, Washington), DeVante Parker (WR, Louisville), Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor), La'El Collins (OL, LSU).

The complete draft order:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-13 (.483 SOS)
2. Tennessee Titans: 2-13 (.496 SOS)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-12 (.521 SOS)
4. New York Jets: 3-12 (.556 SOS)
5. Oakland Raiders: 3-12 (.576 SOS)
6. Washington: 4-11 (.496 SOS)
7. Chicago Bears: 5-10 (.522 SOS)
8. Minnesota Vikings: 6-9 (.481 SOS)
9. Atlanta Falcons: 6-9 (.481 SOS)
10. New Orleans Saints: 6-9 (.483 SOS)
11. New York Giants: 6-9 (.517 SOS)
12. St. Louis Rams: 6-9 (.532 SOS)
13. Cleveland Browns: 7-8 (.473 SOS)
14. San Francisco 49ers: 7-8 (.536 SOS)
15. Houston Texans: 8-7 (.454 SOS)
16. Miami Dolphins: 8-7 (.510 SOS)
17. Cleveland Browns (via Buffalo Bills): 8-7 (.523 SOS)
18. Kansas City Chiefs: 8-7 (.525 SOS)
19. Baltimore Ravens: 9-6 (.481 SOS)
20. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-6 (.494 SOS)

Teams projected to make the playoffs:

21. Carolina Panthers: 6-8-1 (.483 SOS)
22. San Diego Chargers: 9-6 (.513 SOS)
23. Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-5 (.447 SOS)
24. Indianapolis Colts: 10-5 (.489 SOS)
25. Cincinnati Bengals: 9-4-1 (.500 SOS)
26. Seattle Seahawks: 10-4 (.534 SOS)
27. Dallas Cowboys: 11-4 (.450 SOS)
28. Green Bay Packers: 11-4 (.479 SOS)
29. Detroit Lions: 11-4 (.471 SOS)
30. Arizona Cardinals: 11-3 (.523 SOS)
31. Denver Broncos: 11-3 (.525 SOS)
32. New England Patriots: 12-3 (.511 SOS)