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Devon Kennard: Giants 'can and will win again'

NY Post Q&A offers insight into rookie linebacker.

Al Bello/Getty Images

If you are looking for a differnt, enjoyable read about New York sports on Sunday mornings, Steve Serby's Sunday Q&A if quite often a good place to start. This week, Serby's Q&A is with New York Giants rookie linebacker Devon Kennard. For Giants fans, the money quote from Kennard in his chat with Serby is probably this one:

"You can tell that this is a place that can and will win again, and it’s an honor to go to work every day."

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Kennard briefly on a couple of occasions. Those quick conversations have been enough to convince me that not only will Kennard be a terrific player for the Giants off the field, but an excellent representative of the franchise off the field. Here is Kennard's answer to Serby when asked to describe the 'Giants Way.'

"Doing things the right way - with good work ethic, with integrity, with character, with hard work. We want to win, but we want to win the right way and go about things the right way."