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Nick Saban a potential replacement for Tom Coughlin?

NFL Network analysts put Saban's name in the conversation.

Nick Saban
Nick Saban
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin might not be going anywhere after this season, except back to work to try to make the Giants better next year. If the Giants were to decide to replace Coughlin, however, would Alabama coach Nick Saban be tempted to give the NFL another try?

NFL Network analysts Albert Breer and Daniel Jeremiah raised the possibility on the "Move The Sticks" podcast [kudos to Jordan Ranaan of for the find].

From Breer:

"I don't think he's going to leave for just anywhere but ... I think there is an obvious admiration there from the Mara family and if Tom Coughlin and the Giants were to cut ties, whether it's this year, next year or whenever, I wouldn't be totally shocked to see the New York Giants make a run at Nick Saban," Breer said. "I'm not saying that Saban would go for just any pro job at this point. But you've got to understand, the Giants job is kind of the gold standard job for the entire profession when it comes to football coaches and I would imagine Nick Saban would at least take that phone call.

"I don't know if he would necessarily leave Alabama, but it's one of those where it's such a good job that you almost owe it to yourself to listen."

From Jeremiah:

"Because of ownership ... ownership is patient, they have all the resources you need, it's just a track record of winning. It's just the gold standard," he said.

Coughlin probably isn't going anywhere. Same for Saban. It is, however, a tantalizing possibility worth discussing. Your thoughts, Giants fans?