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Carl Banks critical of Giants' play-calling, offensive line, defensive fundamentals

Banks looks at reasons for loss to Jacksonville.

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Carl Banks is always forthright with his opinions about the New York Giants, and that was certainly the case on Monday when Banks did his regular spot with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. Banks was critical of the play-calling of offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, the poor offensive line play and the "fundamental ineptitude" of the defense.

On Ben McAdoo

There has been a school of thought that McAdoo, trying to protect a lead and work with a makeshift offensive line, was too conservative in his second-half play-calling Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here is Banks:

"I think it's a function of the young offensive coordinator, first-time offensive coordinator not really having a feel for the rhythm of the game based on circumstances.

"I don't know if the offensive coordinator felt comfortable enough to keep them in some things rhythm-wise or he just wanted to be more conservative because he didn't trust the offensive line. Maybe it's a function of a first-time play caller not trusting or not having a good feel for the game but it's also a personnel-based thing, too. A game like that you've gotta just go with your instincts and let it go."

On the offensive line

Geoff Schwartz went down. So did James Brewer. Justin Pugh and Adam Snyder weren't healthy enough to play. Brandon Mosley wasn't dressed. The offensive line was a mess. That's not news, though. It has been that way for two years. Here's Banks:

"We've already acknowledged that they're not a very good offensive front and it has impacted the quarterback play No matter what folks say about Eli let's see it for what it is. There's no offensive line in front of him. They cannot run the football. ... It's not a good situation on the offensive line.

"The offensive line really broke down [Sunday]. They didn't even allow quick slants to develop. There just wasn't any time.

"The missing trust is a function of this offensive line play. What can you call, what can't you call? What plays can you run that you can trust that they'll get blocked up?"

On the defensive breakdowns

Seemingly every time he has been asked this season, Banks has hammered away at the lack of fundamental play by the Giants defense. He continued that on Monday:

"It's fundamental ineptitude. They are not committed to fundamentals. I can't say that it's a lack of coaching. I say that it's a lack of overall communication between coaches, players, the learning process, whatever you want to call it."

Banks pointed to two long-running trends that showed up at the end of Sunday's game. The inability to recognize and contain the quarterback run on read-option or bootleg plays, and the fact that the Giants simply can't cover the quick slant.

"If you don't fix it don't you think at crucial times the other team will come out and run that? That's exactly what's happening to this football team.

"I don't think that they players are as bad as they're playing in some cases. In other cases I don't even know if they get what they're supposed to be doing."