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Coughlin: Expanded repertoire key to surge by Jason Pierre-Paul

Coach talks about why defensive end is getting to the quarterback more often in recent weeks.

Jason Pierre-Paul sacks RGIII
Jason Pierre-Paul sacks RGIII
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Many times this season when asked about Jason Pierre-Paul and his pass rush struggles New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin would talk vaguely about JPP's technique and how the Giants were working with him to try and fix some things they saw that were holding him back.

What were those things? Coughlin, of course, wouldn't say at the time. Now that Pierre-Paul has six sacks in his last three games, however, Coughlin revealed a little about what has changed during his exclusive weekly conversation with Michael Eisen of

"I just see him doing the things that he's always done. My mental picture of him, his first-grade effort, is never getting stuck on a block. He was down the middle way too many times and he got on the edge and he's stayed on the edge and he's done an outstanding job," Coughlin said. "Now he'll still bull rush you, but you've got to defend it all now. That's what I see. I see him get a great jump on the ball. I see him giving great effort. His chase mode is tremendous. He is doing things from behind. Even the off tackle runs he gets from behind, and that's the difference I think. He's kind of figured himself out a little bit."

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said simply that Pierre-Paul has "turned it up a notch."

"He's setting the edge of our defense. That's what we've asked him to do. He's been setting the edge of our defense and has been solid over on the left side. Now we've moved him around, both left and right, but he's doing a good job of setting the edge our defense," Fewell said.

Fewell said the play Pierre-Paul made on Robert Griffin III at the end of the first half Sunday vs. the Washington Redskins, knocking the ball loose to prevent a touchdown, was "absolutely amazing."

"RG3 is a 4.4, 4.5 guy. JPP was on the right side of the defensive line. It just showed you his desire to want to make that football play and I think that's what he has done over the last three or four weeks. He's turned up his desire to make plays," Fewell said. "That was really a game-changing play in my mind because he wasn't going to fumble that ball unless he had an obstacle in his way and I was in awe. I really was. It was like wow. The guy continues to amaze you."