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Giants Morning Report: Eli -- offense can still get better

New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 12/18.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Giants Morning Report for this Thursday, one week before Christmas.

Eli: 'Room for improvement' in new offense

The idea of forcing quarterback Eli Manning to learn another new offense is one of the factors that must be weighed when the Giants organization considers what to do in regards to Tom Coughlin and the coaching staff entering next season. Would Manning express his opinion to management?

" We will figure that out. Right now my focus is on the Rams and finishing the season strong and keep learning this offense and getting better and growing in it. There is still definitely room for improvement on my behalf. I am going to keep working on that and after the season, we will figure out what is going to happen.

"... I still make some mistakes. There are calls I wish I would have made or could have made that would have been better. Or different checks. There is definitely room for improvement for me and getting better with some of my footwork and my mechanics of the offense."

Rashad Jennings still hopes to play

Running back Rashad Jennings lasted one snap Sunday before re-injuring his ankle. He did not practice Wednesday, but still hopes to play again before the season ends.

"We’ve got two more games and I’m putting myself in position to finish strong in both of them and that’s kind of my attitude."

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The Giants added tight end Jerome Cunningham to the 53-man roster on Wednesday. Cunningham has been on the practice squad all season. The Giants have been saddled with a 52-man roster the past two games due to placing linebacker Terrell Manning on IR less than a week after signing Manning off the Cincinnati Bengals' practice squad.

Antrel Rolle, a free agent at the end of the season, hopes to finish his career with the Giants.

"This is a great fit," said Rolle, who's won a Super Bowl title and been elected a team captain during his time with the Giants. "I would love to finish my career here. I want to be with JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] and [Odell] Beckham, and I can't wait to see [Victor] Cruz come back. These are my brothers. This is where I want to be."

His hope is for a strong finish to the season -- one he'd like to include an interception returned for a touchdown -- and for the Giants to reward his five years of reliable service with a generous three-year offer that will take him to the end of his career. If that doesn't happen, he believes he'll find it elsewhere. And regardless, he'll look back on his time with the Giants with great satisfaction.

"I've definitely been blessed in that sense," Rolle said. "They had tremendous expectations for me and I've done a great job of fulfilling those expectations. Playing out the whole deal, that speaks a lot about myself, and it speaks a lot about this organization and how they feel about me. I've worn a lot of hats here, and I've worn them to the best of my ability. My performance here speaks for itself."