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Giants' Antrel Rolle dismisses outside criticism

Yes, some of that has come from this very space.

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
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Antrel Rolle might as well have been wagging his finger at Big Blue View when he met with reporters Wednesday and telling yours truly what he thought of some critical words written in this space over the past few days. Asked about recent criticism of his play and the published opinion that the Giants should let him walk next season, Rolle said "I don't really have a reaction to that."

The talkative safety then, of course, had a reaction to it. A relatively lengthy one.

"The way I look at it is, outside looking in, you are never really going to understand a defensive scheme or where a person is supposed to be or what they are actually supposed to be doing. The only people that are really going to understand that is myself, the coaches, the organization. Outside looking in, I don't know how people are going to say what, or view what, but it has never really been my concern," Rolle said. "Is this my best season? No, it is not my best season. Am I playing ball? Yes, I am definitely playing ball. I am not giving up touchdowns; I am not giving up huge plays. I am playing the way I am supposed to be playing. I am playing multiple roles. I just got out there and do what I can do. I don't really worry too much about what spectators say. They may have over the roof expectations for myself, as well as I do, but at the same time, I go out there and play ball. If I have an assignment, I get it done. That is pretty much it."

Rolle, who can be a free agent at the end of the season, acknowledged he has missed a couple of opportunities to make plays.

"I let two interceptions get away from me this year, but a lot of times, if you have a crystal ball, you would say, "man, I wish I would have had this, I wish I could've did this, I wish I could've done that," but this is the name of the game. Sometimes you have to live with what you put out there on the field, take what they give you. Like I said, as far as my play, last year I would say was my better year being here with the Giants, this year has been a good year for me. I don't really worry too much about what outsiders say," Rolle said.

He also once again defended himself from those who have criticized him for the 61-yard pass to Andre Roberts of the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

"I think when coaches break down film, or scouts break down film, I think they have a better view of what is he doing, why did he drop his route. As opposed to last game, people say, "well, he took a bad angle." What coverage was I in? I would give someone $100 if they tell me what coverage I was in, or what responsibilities was I supposed to have," Rolle said. "I am the kind of guy, I'll take it, it is what it is. If you asked me what I do on that play, I did exactly what I am supposed to do. I will just leave it at that."

Valentine's View

Rolle is right. There is no way anyone who wasn't part of the Giants defensive unit or coaching staff can know exactly how the play was supposed to have been defended. All I know is how it looked, and it looked bad for Rolle. Even if he is correct about the play, I wish he wouldn't have publicly tried to absolve himself, making his fellow defensive backs look bad. I wish he would have done what Eli Manning would do -- just take the blame and move on. Instead, we're still talking about it.