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Fantasy Football: Week 16 Waiver Wire Advice

The Fantasy Coach, Dennis Esser, gives his thoughts on who, if anyone, on the waiver wire can help you win a fantasy championship.

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Well, if you've gotten to Week 16 of the Fantasy Football season and you still need to do some waiver wire work you deserve a hardy congratulations.

This week the pickings are slim, but one of these names or teams may help you.

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (Owned in 10.3 percent of ESPN Leagues): Griffin took over for the injured Colt McCoy this past week against the Giants and he looked like he actually grasped the offense a little better when he went under center. The Giants left the flats open and blew a couple of coverages and Griffin was able to take advantage with accurate well timed throws. He even ran the ball with some authority. This week he gets a Philadelphia Eagle team that is hemorrhaging fantasy points to quarter backs. I can see Griffin being a top 12 play this week and would love to take a chance on him in a Super-Flex or 2-QB league.

Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys (Owned in 4.3 percent of ESPN Leagues): Wow ... just wow. Owners have gotten this far with DeMarco Murray carrying them and the vast majority of them don't have his back up locked up for the playoffs. Randle is a very nice option if Murray has to sit this week out because of the hand surgery he just had. While Randle would be a good option, he's not going to give you what Murray gave you because Randle would have to split some reps with Lance Dunbar. Going after Dunbar is even more attractive than having to go into a bidding war for Randle if you're in PPR leagues. Either way, if Randle is on the wire you have to bid whether you own Murray or not.

Toby Gerhart, Jacksonville Jaguars, (Owned in 8.1 percent of ESPN Leagues): Gerhart only played 28 snaps last week, but he got the bulk of the carries for the Jaguars and added two receptions. Storm Johnson didn't show much with his chances and Jordan Todman seems to only be looked at as a passing down back. With Gerhart facing the Tennessee Titans I have to mention him as an option, but this would be a big-time desperation play.

Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints, (Owned in 24.3 percent of ESPN Leagues): Pierre Thomas is one of those running backs you love to own in PPR leagues.  When teams pin their ears back to go after Brees Thomas becomes a major weapon out of the back field. Too bad we really didn't get to see it much this year with all the games he missed. Thomas showed he was back in great form on Monday night and he would be an ideal replacement for a team looking for a RB 2 in a PPR league. The fact that they get the Falcons makes it a no-brainer.

Defenses that can help you:

Whoever invested in the Baltimore Ravens last week hit the jackpot as they will get to use them two weeks in a row. The Ravens get a Houston Texans team that will be down to their fourth quarterback who they just picked up off of the street. They lost Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Savage to i juries against the Colts. The good fortune of the Ravens owner cannot be overstated. If the Ravens happen to be available go for it.

New England Patriots (Owned in 60 percent of ESPN Leagues): I find this number a little humorous as everyone knows the Patriots get the New York Jets during fantasy championship weekend. The Patriots got Chandler Jones back this past week and have been very solid especially against suspect teams. I think the Patriots will put it on the Jets as they look to keep home-field advantage in the AFC Playoff race. If they are available they may win you a title.

Buffalo Bills (Owned in 71 percent of ESPN Leagues): Believe it or not, 3 percent of owners dropped the Bills last week when they faced the Green Bay Packers. The Bills frustrated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers while putting up very nice fantasy points and this week they get the Oakland Raiders in a game the Bills have to win to keep pace in the playoff race.

Carolina Panthers (Owned in 22.8 percent of ESPN Leagues):  The Panthers were a great defense last season and this season they struggled to get things going without their big pass rushing threat Greg Hardy. Well the Panthers can sniff the playoffs and their defense has been picking it up lately. Charles Johnson has been getting to the quarterback and it has helped the Panthers force some turnovers. This week they get rookie Johnny Manziel and that should bode well.

Big Blue View League Updates

Big Blue View League 1: CasanovaWong defeated the number one overall seed 2Ringz by more than 30 points. The fact that Tony Romo had a hand in this victory has to weigh heavy on his mind. Marcus Longridge (last year's winner) defeated the number two seed Da'Monsters by less than five points. Marcus is one of the many people in fantasy football who has the garbage time Alshon Jeffrey touchdown to thank for a win. (Side note -- I feel for Rick Tausz because the same thing happened to me in my long-time home league, but I lost by less than two points.)

Big Blue View League 2: Charles's L's Team defeated yours truly despite my best efforts and the late heroics of Mark Ingram and Alshon Jeffrey. His team was aided by the tremendous performances by Odell Beckham Jr. and Baltimore's D. Pierre-Paul and Marry defeated Begiant with great performances from Le"Veon Bell and the New England defense. Begiant has to be telling bad beat stories today if he saw the drops that Jordy Nelson had against the bills. If Nelson had held on to one of those balls he would be heading to the final. Again, ouch!

This is why I love fantasy football because each and every play in every game can change the outcome of a week or even a season. Congrats to those who made the championship!