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Giants Morning Report: Giants' head-coaching job would top the list, if it is available

New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 12/17.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! We lead off your Giants Morning Report with a USA Today article opining that the Giants job would be the best head-coaching gig available this off-season -- if, of course, the Giants were to decide to move on without long-time coach Tom Coughlin.

Recent reports have indicated that Coughlin's current job is likely to be filled by Coughlin himself next season, so discussing where being head coach of the Giants would rank on this list might be moot. But, hey, let's talk about it anyway.

USA Today lists the marquee nature of the job and the stable ownership as solid reasons to want the job. Those are fine, but the biggest reasons are there is a franchise quarterback in place, a group of exciting young players and several quality veterans who should return from injured reserve next season. A coach would not be starting from square one here.

More Headlines

Free-agent-to-be Jason Pierre-Paul told ESPN New York that he is "having a great season." He is, undeniably, having his best year since his All-Pro 2011 season. He has 9.5 sacks and a +19.4 Pro Football Focus score, third among all 4-3 defensive ends. His +17.6 run defense score is best in the league among 4-3 defensive ends.

Defensive ends with this kind of ability, especially 25-year-old ones, don't fall out of the sky every day. Pierre-Paul is about to get very, very rich.

Antrel Rolle said on WFAN Tuesday that "the sky's the limit" for the Giants defense. Of course, Rolle is also a free agent at the end of this season and might be both playing and talking his way out of New York.

There is also still a very solid case for defensive coordinator Perry not returning next season.

Giants analyst Carl Banks apparently had some unflattering things to say about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during Sunday's broadcast. Here is a sample:

"Griffin is a drama king, too, I'll tell you that" Banks said after the Giants' seventh sack. "He falls down and you think he just got shot, and he pops back up and he feigns injury so much. Now his receivers are not even back at the line of scrimmage. How about that? Look at this."

Banks added more pointed commentary on WFAN during his weekly Monday appearance:

"The immediate observation was he's a one-read quarterback," Banks said. "He looks for one read and if it's not there, he has no concept of progressions. The bad part about him - and there's a lot. When you get a chance to see him and then you kind of talk to some people that are around the organization, it's hard to believe one guy can really be as disruptive to the culture of your team, but you could see why. He doesn't seem to be interested in going through progressions. He takes sacks, he makes bad decisions. But then when he gets hit, he lays there like he's shot. I called him a drama king on the air yesterday because you'd think he's never getting up again and then he bounces right back up. It's almost like, ‘Everybody look at me, I'm hurt.' It's like he's a martyr or something."