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Giants Morning Report: Talking about Odell Beckham and Tom Coughlin, of course

New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 12/16.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's get right to your Giants Morning Report for this Tuesday.

Eli Offers Advice to Beckham

Quarterback Eli Manning said Monday on WFAN that the key to long-term greatness for Odell Beckham will be staying humble:

"This game can humble you very quickly, so I think you always have to stay on him, make sure we keep getting better, make sure you know the game plan," Manning said. "It very quickly happens. ‘Hey, I know what I’m doing, I’ve got this figured out’ and you get a little lackadaisical in your preparation. "He’s handled it all very well. We’ll stay on him, make sure he stays in check."

Manning knows that as well as anyone. He has been at the highest mountain -- Super Bowl MVP -- twice, but has also suffered through plenty of bad times, including a 27-interception 2013 season.

Coughlin Stuff ... Because We Have To

ESPN's Dan Graziano says wins and losses are not the only measuring stick the Giants will use in deciding the fate of Tom Coughlin:

The Giants' decision-making process on these matters contains a level of nuance that doesn't jive with today's knee-jerk sports-fan sensibility. Most people see a coach consistently missing the playoffs, or a GM consistently missing on important draft picks, and decide the answer is change for change's sake. Fans (and quite a few team owners) view coaches and GMs as disposable or replaceable. They seem to believe that the key to success is shuffling new people into those positions until one of them wins a Super Bowl.

Not so the Giants, who will arrive at their offseason two weeks from now determined to find solutions but not prejudiced toward any one particular path. Before deciding to part ways with a head coach who's ingrained in the franchise's history at a celebratory level, the Giants will ask whether such a move is likely to solve their problems. The bet here, as I've said, is that they'll decide it won't and will instead involve Coughlin in the search for solutions.

ESPN's Ian O'Connor believes the coach deserves another year, calling him "the most viable option for his own job."

Newsday reported that Coughlin appears likely to return, but that it is "not a done deal yet."

Art Stapleton summarized the Coughlin decision in one perfect question, writing "Are the Giants going nowhere, or are they going somewhere?"

Manning wants Coughlin back next season. Part of that is because Manning believes the Giants "have done some good things" on offense and he doesn't relish the idea of starting from scratch once again.

More Headlines

New Jersey governor Chris Christie fired back Monday at a Philadelphia councilman who ripped him on Twitter for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys:

"I don’t even know who this guy is," Christie said on New Jersey 101.5-FM. "There’s lots of people who attempt to use me to increase (their) own fame." Christie added: "He’s got to get somebody besides his parents to know who he is.

The Giants cleared a starting spot this season for defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins by letting Linval Joseph leave via free agency, and Hankins has made that decision pay off.