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Pro Football Focus Review: Giants 24, Redskins 13

Let's take a look at what Pro Football Focus had to say about Sunday's beatdown of the Washington Redskins.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Two in a row! Two in a row! Stop the presses! It's two in a row!

Okay, so the victories were against the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins. I get it, I really do. I know this will probably save the jobs of some coaches that many don't want around. I know this is wrecking the #GiantTankJob. I, for one, irrespective of how much it *might* hurt the team in the future can't root against the team when it comes to taking on a division rival.

My brain says to me that it's better in the long run. My heart then slaps my brain in the cerebellum. These are blood feuds. The Redskins (can we bring back LOLskins again? Yes? okay LOLskins it is), Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys. I hate 'em all. Can you guys believe we get the chance to knock the Eagles out of the playoffs in Week 17? After that 27-0 spanking we got from them, I really can't wait. Anyway, I digress. On to our review of this game:

We're Having Odell Of A Time (Offensive MVP)

Odell Beckham Jr. (+3.9) - Was it really going to be anyone else? Twelve catches, 143 yards, three touchdowns. He had a fourth touchdown and another 30 or so yards negated by a really ticky-tack holding call as well. He also forced five penalties on the game, torching the hapless Bashaud Breeland into steady denial. This was, by the way, David Amerson after the game (h/t Steve Politi's column)

"He's a good player," Amerson said. "I'm not saying he's not. But it's not really that difficult. He just sat down in zones and he catches the ball – he's very good at that. They threw him a lot of balls, so of course he has a lot of yards, but I wouldn't say he was difficult to cover. I wouldn't say that."

Odell smacked those poor Redskins so hard they don't even know what hit them. Boo hoo.

The Captain And His Reviled Crew (Key Offensive Contributors)

John Jerry (+2.6) - Hey, the big guy gets a good game once in awhile, too. His sheet was clean in pass protection. Didn't allow a single sack, hit, or hurry. He had, for once in a long, long time, a good day at the office when it comes to run blocking as well. Take a bow big man, you don't really deserve it that often but today you did.

Will Beatty (+2.4) - This was the second straight game in which Beatty did not allow a single pressure on the QB. This was also the eighth game this season in which Beatty has a PFF score of more than +2.0. He had a merely okay game in run blocking, but it was off the strength of his perfection in pass protection that earned him yet another spot in the 'Kudos' section.

Eli Manning (+1.7) - Well deserved. Sure it was the Redskins secondary that he was torching but he was throwing players open. He was hanging tough at some points in the secondnd half in which he was getting hit hard and made some throws into tight windows. Overall, while struggling a bit in the first half, he made throws that show flashes of tremendous ability. An example was the second Odell Beckham touchdown. It looked pretty routine, but he was able to look off both a corner and a safety and throw it perfectly to Odell while he was on the run. The only way Beckham scores is if he catches the ball in stride. Another example is the called back TD. Eli was under pressure and he was still moving his feet laterally when he let the ball go. It still was perfectly placed, showing good accuracy and arm strength.

Two Young Guys Who Didn't Step Up (Offensive GOATs)

Andre Williams (-2.9) - We were all hopeful that Andre Williams took a nice step forward in last week's game against the Titans, but he immediately followed that with a step back. There were holes available, Andre just didn't take them (pause). He struggled with his acceleration off the line and while he had a few nice short yardage gains, it's clear (as it has been every week) that the Giants are in need of a pass catching change of pace back to help out.

Larry Donnell (-2.6) - Another week, another terrible performance as a run blocker. Donnell somehow managed to accumulate a -1.9 run block grade in only five run block snaps. What? I don't ... I don't even know how that's possible. He usually avoids being in the red because he's usually an asset in the pass game, but he wasn't today, so he's here.

Nard Dog Will Get Ya (Defensive MVP)

Devon Kennard (+2.7) - For those that don't know, apparently one of Kennard's nicknames in the defensive meeting room is "Nard Dog", as tweeted out by Spencer Paysinger. I guess it's only appropriate that he was nicknamed after an Office character but also as something that sounds like a Lord of the Rings Uruk hai, since he was monstrous all game. We're talking seven solo tackles (including two for loss), 0.5 sacks, a pass defensed, and a forced fumble. I think by this point, this guy is not a fluke.

A Track Star and a MonStar (Key Defensive Contributors)

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (+2.7) - DeSean Jackson is one of the many banes of my existence, but DRC made him obsolete on Sunday. He made everybody obsolete. He allowed two receptions on six targets for 8 yards. Very quietly, he's become a bright spot on this Giants defense. Part of that is being more the only quality guy left in the secondary, but he follows around the opponent's best receivers. He's ranked 11th in the league with a +7.8 grade from PFF and that's with playing through injury.

Johnathan Hankins (+1.9) - 2.5 sacks and another QB hurry for Big Hank, bringing his total to seven sacks on the year. He's probably one of the most underrated players in the NFL and that's thanks to being on an underachieving unit on a terrible team. He's playing at an All-Pro caliber right now and there's not much standing in his way.

Missed Assignments and Molasses (Defensive GOAT)

Jameel McClain (-3.2) - Just an awful day for McClain who appeared to miss several assignments. He was stuck in mud for most of the game, showing off poor athleticism. What was worse was that he appeared to be the culprit on several wide open pass plays to running backs coming out of the flat, including one where Chris Thompson went untouched for a 9-yard score. Just not good enough.

A Lot Of Head-scratchers (Key Defensive Villains)

Damontre Moore (-2.5) - I have to believe once PFF goes through their weekly All-22 revisions, this will change. I understand part of his grade, Damontre had a poor run defending grade and he lost contain on several Robert Griffin III runs. Definitely understand that. I definitely understand a poor penalty grade as he committed another bad play on a holding call. I don't understand the mediocre grade he was given as a pass-rusher as he compiled a sack, a hit, and hurry in only 29 pass-rush attempts and was disruptive on more plays than that.

Antrel Rolle (-2.3) - The title of this section is "a lot of head-scratchers" but this surely isn't one. He was terrible in coverage for most of the game, and on one play allowed a massive 61-yard catch and run by Andre Roberts, who was only caught due to DRC's hustle. He also committed a bone-headed personal foul on the very next play. Just poor, undisciplined play and quite frankly he's had too many of those this season.

Kerry Wynn (-1.5) - Another head-scratching grade. I thought Wynn was disruptive against both the run and the pass. He was credited with only one QB hit and only two stops, but it looked like a hell of a lot more than that. Maybe my bias for him is coloring my memory of the game (I'll definitely need to go back and watch) but I remember telling myself "wow, Wynn looks great," quite a bit on Sunday afternoon.

Cullen Jenkins (-1.5) and Jay Bromley (-1.1) - Including both together because they had similar games. Bromley had a mediocre game as a pass rusher and I didn't see enough push from him in his 16 snaps. Jenkins had a sack, but didn't do much outside of that play in his 33 snaps to warrant a better grade.